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  1. Thank you! Pretty certain you can beat this one fairly easy with a few reruns on similar clocks
  2. @Dry_Ice777 Have only very few pictures of the chiller build itself, only some from making the loop which I don't find too special. However if @TAGG agrees can make some pictures and share them on bot forum with some info about the unit.
  3. Yeah, not sure if that will be doable on 478, but hey! Why not try sometime later
  4. Was considering LM also, but duck it as it's too messy, ancient batch of Kryo has to do.
  5. Thank you Bro! Just skip the temp range. Cool to -82c *Blackscreens > Cool further to -120 or lower > retry button > Have phun if your mount is good PS: going fullpot is just matter of pouring more, no special steps needed.
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