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  1. Very unfair Al, i spent years buying every single Intel Series, delidding and days with each CPU to get the best score possible. And now 4 months in a row to get into Enthusiast League Top 10 Worldwide Place 9, now i'm Place 21 and what is worse ALL my XTU Scores are on "0" not disabled so this is not a temporary measure. Moreover not all my best XTU Scores were made with latest versions but with the first we all started. Besides i never spotted nothing wrong on XTU it produces consitent scores. There are many benchmarks were they can cheat or super tweak, this was the only one that went straight to hwbot. For me in South America where hardware costs 2 times US value with no binning chance and always making a big effort and specially not having those CPU's no more if you enable it again how to do ? Personally and with all my respect i found this measure as an Abuse for All HWBOT members. Sergio. and as HWBOT member since 2006 and xtremesystems this is not only sad news but an abuse as it affects more Overclockers l
  2. I benched for years using XTU and these last months achieved great things...I had 1388 Points now only 1113 ? This Is Totally unfair brothers. Besides, many of my humble records were on XTU. This is very sad really.
  3. This was reported as using water cooling but it's wrong i'm using Alphacol Eisbaer Extreme 280 AIO. Please see the pictures. Thank You !
  4. yeah darkside mods led uv blue pcb strips the old ones working for more than 3 years now and not even reduced the light power...
  5. Guys here's a lit video i made, it's in Spanish but images speak alone I mention all the parts and the OBT nothing more and show all hope you Like it !
  6. Thanks bro double SSD bays are awesome for this Kindly, Sergio
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