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  1. ^^^^^^^^^ To the OP. @Noxinite , what Alex says so straight forward is the absolute truth. Either we all like it or not. Dimastech scam was one of the most severe cases, that affected quite a few members here and people lost thousands and thousands of Euros from a supposed " reputable company " Mate, you have to move on. This is not eBay and definitely, since the last resort of protection ( PayPal ) was mistakenly not used from your side, you have two options - 1) Give it a shot with Intel and see if you can pass an RMA request. 2) If it fails, consider the whole case a lesson that cost you 500 Euros. And take appropriate precaution if and when you buy something else here. The HWBOT market place has some basic rules, but no power to intervene when a transaction goes south. Basically, till a few years back, members ethics were at a lot higher level. Good luck to whatever you decide to do. I am sorry for your mishap mate
  2. As usual, @websmile ( Michael ), put things in their right perspective. Need to update my bios versions Michael. Still at 0903. Still nothing can beat though the Galax set doing 4200++ ultra tight ( where tight timings are a must ). And it is A1 layout
  3. On Asrock Mocf. Not Apex
  4. A2 pcb layout kits and Apex Motherboards are a no-no combination even for 4133 /12-11. All apex boards ( IX, X, XI ) do not cooperate well with A2 memory. On the contrary A2 kits ( if good ) can do 4700 up to 4800 on air, 14-13-13-28-2T, at least on Apex XI. You have to search for very high binned A1 kit that can go to 4266 / 12-11 / 1T, provided you have the IMC to support it.
  5. Thanks man I will wait a few days and if nothing else ( extension ) comes up, I will contact you with pm.
  6. Full bundle please. All accessories to be included.
  7. Maybe, if mutually agreed, seller and buyer split the damage ( 250 each ) and move on ? Too many grey areas to be able to prove at which point the damage occurred. @Ziken, show that you are a legit seller and accept half reimbursement - this will ( possibly ) allow the administration here to let you sell more things. @Noxinite, mate, to be totally honest, despite the fact that I respect you all the way thru as a member of HWBOT, maybe reach an arrangement with Ziken, as proposed. 2 meters high fence man ? And the delivery man signed instead of you ? Well... I would find that delivery man ( company ) and have a strong word - at least.
  8. You are asking the wrong person mate I am not the one with the "problematic" cpu. Ask @Noxinite
  9. I will second that, unfortunately
  10. Looking very carefully at the pictures, I have to say something that attracted my attention. For Heaven's sake people, please do not think that I am taking sides here. Just trying to be as objective as possible. The packing is as good as it can get. No one that wants to be objective can doubt it. I have received a couple of processors from other sellers, with a lot worse packing and they arrived alive and well. As Mr.Scott said, there is no way that the cpu might have been damaged during transportation. These pictures, so honestly taken by the buyer and explained, can't substantiate any claim from the transportation company. Cpu was damaged either prior to shipping or after receipt.
  11. In simple words @Noxinite , there is not the slightest chance to get any money thru paths of the Law. How on Earth can someone prove that the item ( processor ) was damaged during transport... For the DIE to crack there is only one way - mishandling or damage during the delidding process. What I am saying is that he sold you an already damaged processor for working. Or, to be totally fair, you damaged it yourself ( sorry mate, but it is a chance in a 1000 ). Maybe you did not understand it. I am not saying you did it, still the chance is right there. Can happen even to the best. Sorry. consider it lesson learned - a lesson that cost 500 Euros. And never pay again as friends and family. I have personal experience. As @Achill3uS said " difficult to believe that some people do not care for their reputation and respect ". Well, I have been screwed twice by top elite member, which I considered a friend. Lost 600 Euros. Where $$$ are involved, I insist - Don't trust your mother.
  12. Peculiar, to say the least, that the "seller" has not appeared to defend himself I had a couple of cases, being in the position of the potential buyer, that I was refused the right to pay with PayPal transaction normally. " Only friends and family" I was told. And immediately backed off.
  13. Sad situations. Same seller declined to accept my payment for 3 X VGA cards, when he saw that I paid with normal PayPal transaction and not friends and family. There are unfortunately a few cases of irresponsible sellers here at the market place. People, do not trust your mother, lol PayPal protection is the only way to go. I have personally lost over 3000 euros during the years here, from items that either never arrived or were DOA. As for transport insurance - THE LAW is very specific on this throughout Europe. Seller has to immediately file a claim to the transportation company and acknowledge the buyer of the written claim. Indeed, it takes time to recover money from insurance, yet basic ethics should make the seller refund the buyer, recover the defective item from the buyer as evidence to the transportation company that item was damaged and then wait from the insurance company for his compensation.
  14. All cards have been sold. Thank you for the space HWBOT. Thread can be closed.
  15. Last bump for the weekend. Thread to be closed Monday.
  16. Both HD 7970 sold to Team mates. Thanks guys GTX 770 is available for 24 more hours. Card is very good and consider keeping it.
  17. GTX 770 and both HD 7970 available. Reasonable offers welcome
  18. GTX 680 Sold and paid. One HD 7970 BE still pending. Bump for the GTX 770 and another HD 7970.
  19. GTX 680 and one ( 1 ) HD 7970 pending.
  20. HD 7970 and GTX 680 temporarily on hold after a member's request.
  21. Hi all, Difficult decision. It has been a year collecting very carefully these rare cards. All are in pristine condition. Never seen cold, insulation or even water block. I hope a better 3D bencher will have the pleasure to break some records with these on LN2. In the pictures from top left to bottom right. GTX 770 Lightning OC boost edition. SOLD GTX 680 Lightning BE. --- SOLD 2 X HD 7970 Lightnings Black Edition. --- BOTH SOLD All have been benched on stock air cooler and are good to very good clockers. My submissions will enlighten you more. All prices exclude shipping. Since I am prepared to ship WW, please ask for a quote. Payment is either Bank transfer or PayPal ( friends or you pay the fees ). No original boxes. Meticulous attention will be given to packing. PRICES GTX 770 - 90 Euros. GTX 680 - 75 Euros HD 7970 - 125 Euros - EACH. Reasonable offers are welcome. Law ball offers will be simply ignored. Please do not expect me to start price drops. I will not. If you have a reasonable offer I am more than happy to discuss with you. Thank you.
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