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  1. Hi, I am in Europe. I have a pristine cpu pot Der8auer Fusion 3.1 - full bundle plus a quality K probe attached. Color is blue. I am asking 180 $ for the pot and 90 $ for tracked shipping.
  2. Sold. Thank you for the space HWBOT. Please close and move.
  3. Hello, This cpu does 4.5ghz on ambient with 1.35V. Asking 140 euros plus shipping.
  4. Fixed. Had to fully unistall Benchmate and manually delete all relevant folders and files and clean up registry. Reinstalled. Works OK now. Thanks and apologies for the fuzz.
  5. Ohh my... Albrecht, I fully unistalled Benchmate and manually deleted all relevant folders and files. After a registry clean up, I reinstalled Benchmate. No issues now. Yet, my NEW 5950X submission is not accepted in the comp. George
  6. Win 10. Samsung 28" 4k. Native 4k resolution. No pseudo resolution enabled. Problem is not constant. Seems to occur mostly with cbr20 and cbr23 benchmarks. Also either RTX 3080ti or RX6900XT do not make any difference. HDCP ' HDMI usage also makes no difference.
  7. Each sub I saw before submitting was invalid by UL standards ( LOD ). Even Splave's and mkrl88. Ok, I will rerun. But block every single sub with LOD tweaks.
  8. No Albrecht, Mat must find this out. Benchmate is imposed to users by HWBOT. Benchmate is designed by Mat. How on Earth am I supposed to know or find out why sometimes Benchmate captures the entire screen and sometimes not. I am not obliged to contact Mat. If there is a flaw in the capturing mechanism it is his problem to advise people and correct it. It is supposed to be an automated process. Well it is not. Because even when screenshot is ok, you must go back to the sub and fill in manually missing details without which the sub is not accepted for the comp. Thank you.
  9. Min 38c, max 59c. 4850 with 1.43v. Sure this is on ambient mate ?
  10. 192 euros here. And you cant find one. Not worth selling below 140. Then I keep it.
  11. For sale a Ryzen 3 - 3300X. Only Cpu, with blister. No box or cooling device. 4.5ghz on average water setup ( AIO ) with 1.35V, and 5ghz on DICE ( multithreaded benchmarks ). 180 Euros - 150 Euros final price. Shipping to EU. 15 Euros ( Normal Post ) or 25 Euros ( DHL ). PayPal. The usual. Private sale. No returns. Buyer pays Paypal fees or F&F.
  12. I think I have some sdram sticks, located in the museum. When Athens was the centre of the world, lol. I will have to check. No promises.
  13. 1.58Vcore on ambient ? Wow. 😎
  14. Very kind of you sir. I am NOT in, because I do not own any Gigabyte boards. Still a very kind gesture.
  15. Apologies for jumping in, just want to help. I happen to have ( and do not sell ) the same mems Albrecht has. Both on Apex VI and Rampage VI Extreme ( which is an 8 slot board ), I never had any issues running them at 4000 / 12-12-12-28-1T tight, with 1.85V rock solid. I have them installed on my main PC ( daily ) with an I9-7980XE, and they do 4000 / 15-16-16-36-1T with 1.50V for daily use. Not playing Devil's advocat, but if you not take them ( dirt cheap price offered here ), I might consider buying them and go to a 64gb setup.
  16. Fasttrack


    NP Either way the pot, together with a cpu pot have been sold locally this morning.
  17. SOLD. Thank you for the space HWBOT. Please close and move.
  18. All sold. Thank you for the space HWBOT. Please close and move.
  19. Fasttrack


    Sure, will post pictures tomorrow. Shipping, tracked, is 25 euros to Germany.
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