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  1. jajajaj , very likely, but in the oc world everything is possible
  2. CB R15 and wprime1024 not more GL? or temporal bug? some post for this?
  3. nacho, te falta la benchmate que es requisito para ryzen, te van a romper los huevos
  4. not, only stock cooler, i have 70cpus am2 for binning, only run @ss 2 or 3
  5. very nice submit, 2 questions ...how much temps (real temps,not evap) and is nb an exclusive SS or 1st stage of the cascade?
  6. this was just a test session to know the limit of ocp / ovp of the vga, next month we will see how it scales with ln2 and the new "homemade" gpu pot
  7. wtf with this result?? not oc, mobile cpu, not dual channel memory, not s.o optimised ....10gen > 7gen@6.3ghz?
  8. Perfect leeg, close topic and very thx for u time
  9. https://hwbot.org/submission/575039_tasos_superpi___1m_pentium_4_3.2ghz_(prescott)_25sec_990ms is correct screenshot without 1/2 screen of cpuz, no memory tab and writed superpi code for show hard info? i report 15 days ago and not receive response.. (sorry my spanish-english mix)
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