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  1. Depends on region in austria (vienna ftw.) in my region you pay at least for 25L around 70Eur if u have much luck. Common i pay for the 35L around 170Eur (Linde). for this i have to drive aprox 100km (both ways)
  2. For the lucky draw all benchamarks(Stages) have to be with geil memory or is it enough just to only one stage with Geil memory?
  3. nice a second austrian *fg* 104K Run from me when i practiced with a PhenomII X6 1090T http://www.abload.de/image.php?img=104k_webpicks66.jpg
  4. Sam but it fits to the gigabyte style with all those babyblue and white, a touch of pink could give the last piece of perfection.
  5. @Don_Corleone yes, had to increase the cpu vdd and the cpu voltage in the bios to get higher voltages on this board.
  6. About 20liters the last two days...and many hours of playing around with the voltages.
  7. 5870 + 10.7 if i click on "make public" nothing happens. Driver stauts = unknown Driver name und version is "empty".
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