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  1. After BSEL mod to lock at FSB 800 MHz, thing worked with X9100. Now I can do overclocking on my 130K$ analyzer, lol. Thanks all for hints.
  2. Thanks! Well, I don't mind for CPU to run at 200MHz FSB. Overclocking is not important for me, it's just for pimp factor for logic analyzer I'm fixing now.
  3. Hey folks, Not sure if there are anyone old enough here left to remember those days with Socket P/479 an Merom CPUs, but here's the deal: I have old obscure motherboard based off GM965 chipset, with Core T7500 CPU in it. All works fine, but I want more magic pixies, so I got myself X9100 CPU. However X9100 is FSB1066 processor, so I'd need to trick it into 800MHz to work, I'd assume. I don't have CPU yet, but pretty sure it will not work directly w/o mods. Anybody have infos/guides left on dusty harddrive somewhere, covering BSEL/VID mods?
  4. Refreshed EVGA EPOWER V "The Untouchables" stand-alone power board returns back to retail. It's been some time since release of the previous Gen 4 model in 2013. Original EVGA EPOWER module, first made by our buddy shambo saw the light back in 2010, and is handy and versatile tool to provide more juice to various graphics adapters, especially physically and power constrained reference designs from NVIDIA and AMD. This is crucial for extreme overclocking with liquid nitrogen cooling. This is fifth version of the EPOWER project, released in retail for extreme overclockers and hardc
  5. Hey folks. I'm looking for good working Core X6800 Conroe CPU and QX6800 CPU to buy. If you have 2GB/4GB DDR2 UDIMMs, that would be great too. Don't care about frequency or brand, as far they are working. Got myself a oscilloscope, and want to pimp it out a bit. It's running mediocre P4 550J and 1gig ram now, which is unacceptable for overclocking scope Shipping to Taiwan, EMS, DHL, Fedex, whatever suits you. I'm ready to spend about 50-80$ on this.
  6. Well, there is a reason why I also listed Image 23 in there. Residency at peak power is quite short. There is no any crazy cooling on VRM, it does not need it. Just stock iCX VRM plate + typical 120mm fan over it. I'll add photo of the actual setup into guide, good idea. Your video was not very far off, and more effort than I'd have time for, so I see no problem adding it. Thanks, BTW. .
  7. And off we go, as KP Ti is now released, enjoy the K|NGP|N version OC guide. Hope to see 1.21 Gigawatts and scores soon .
  8. You saw it first here Intro This is not another GTX 1080 Ti review, but a extreme overclocking modding guide. There is no much benefit doing all this for watercooling or aircooling, but required when GPU is frozen to chilly -196°C. Fair bit extra voltage might help reaching higher performance marvels. This guide is evolution of my usual "uncork series", with all good traditions set by previous guides: * Reference GTX 1080/1070 - Uncorking Pascal * Removing power limits on any NV card * Using Raspberry Pi to control your VGA VRM * EVGA GTX 980 Ti K|NGP|N OC Guide * Re
  9. Feedback loops usually controlled by voltage-level on the pin. And since in majority of the cases it's resistive divider, current DAC is the best way. You don't really care about resistance if its 10 ohm or 10kohm there, what you do with the CDAC is to sink/source current to offset resistor divider output, to get your feedback voltage biased accordingly. But way better to do it digitally. Most of controllers already have digital control (but you will need access to internal documentation though, which is another topic). Messing with feedback without care often can screw up compensation.
  10. Here I showed example of using RPI directly to VGA to control voltages. So yes, you can directly control VGA, if you know what to send to control voltages/settings on I2C.
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