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  1. I am in the middle of my ASRock A10 build, I got really sick though, So it was on hold for a few days. This will be my first water cooling effort also. Good luck to everyone! Ken
  2. I may be an old fart to you, but I am still young in my mind, and I enjoy tinkering with computers, I have some new parts on order, and some I have already received for a new AMD A10 build. I will be torturing it, and using water cooling for my first time. I may also swap the cold plate back to my FX8350 and try to get to 5.3mhz with it. In fact I know I will at some point.It is just my nature to see what I can do. I am sure that is how you feel about overclocking also. I will join the challenge sometime either this weekend or next week.
  3. I have been having a problem with AuaMark3 that I haven't seen any info on. First off I downloaded it from the Bott and installed it' but it will not even open. Running win7 64 bit service pack 1 build 6.1.7601 build 7601. on an Asus M5A97 mobo with the latest driver 1605,
  4. Ever since todays server maintenance, or update I can no longer look up my prior benchmarks. When I select (My Submissions) it comes up like always with processor selected, when I click on anything else it reloads processor again, no matter what I choose. Can someone check into it, please? Much appreciated, thankyou! Ken
  5. Pardon me for posting this here, but I did not see anywhere to post this. I have a problem with an HWBOT Unengine heaven post. I cannot find the right entry to get it to accept my AMD FX 8350, in the processor field. Any help would be appreciated, Thank you. Ken
  6. Wll I didn't get back to that one, But I did get to 5Ghz on air with SuperPi 1m. Heres a link to the submission. http://hwbot.org/submission/2362638_
  7. Dabnabit. I will get it straight from HWbot and rerun one. Thanks, Ken
  8. I just tried to submit a bench and get a java issue. Sorry, there are a few errors in the form. Please fix them and submit again. Failed to convert property value of type java.lang.String to required type java.lang.Short for property memT; nested exception is org.springframework.core.convert.ConversionFailedException: Unable to convert value "1T" from type java.lang.String to type java.lang.Short; nested exception is java.lang.NumberFormatException: For input string: "1T" benchmark scoremarks Use '.' as a delimiter, not ','. eg '25.91' is ok, '25,91' is not. Do not write units, just the number. Processor*1x2x3x4x8x @ MHz on select coolingStandard Stock CoolingAir CoolingWater CoolingTEC / Peltier CoolingDry Ice CoolingSingle Stage Phase Change CoolingCascade Phase Change CoolingLiquid NitrogenLiquid Helium Reference/IMC/QPI clockMHz Idle/load/ambient temperature °C Coldbug/coldbootbug °C Batch nr Videocard*1x2x3x4x @ / / MHz on select coolingStandard Stock CoolingAir CoolingWater CoolingTEC / Peltier CoolingDry Ice CoolingSingle Stage Phase Change CoolingCascade Phase Change CoolingLiquid NitrogenLiquid Helium All I did was choose Stock cooling.
  9. To bad it wasn't the Geforce 8500gt, I have one of those......... I put it in the wife's pc tilll I got a GTX550ti, and then a GTX650 so I put the GTX550ti in her pc so she wouldn't be to ^&(*#%$/upset and then bought 2 more GTX 550ti's. What a merrygoround...... LOL Ken
  10. Happy Holidays to everyone! Ken
  11. I do have another question though..... how come after a few days of no submitals my points go down? for instance from (7.1 to 6.8) Ken
  12. Sorry I never got back to you Christian. I opend another instance of HWBOT after a few minutes and clicked the link to the submission and I did recieve the points. I guess the submit page was just not updating for some reason.
  13. Thanks Bud, it didn't work for me as it always tells me I need administrator rights, and I am not sure how to change that. I should have all rights as I built this darn thing from scratch. Ken
  14. Yea i forgot to add the pic of my system the first time and used the edit submission button but it never showed any difference. I finaly opened a second window to my profile page and saw it was ok in there. So I guess the original page doesn't update when you do that. Thanks for taking a look at it Bud! I appreciate it!!!
  15. I just ran my best Heaven bench and attached a pic of my system but get the notice that no pic is attached so not according to league rules. Can someone take a look at it for me, Please? Here is a link to the score page. http://hwbot.org/submission/2334678_racingken_unigine_heaven___basic_preset_(dx9)_geforce_gtx_570_3216.1_dx9_marks?recalculate=true And disregard the dusty looking cooling fins...... Never mind I guess it finallly updated it withpoints without showing it in the window.
  16. I agree that it should be a good thing for the oc comunity! I don't think I would be into it yet if it had not been for Lakeside2189 over at BE. Just my 2 cents Ken
  17. Is there a link to all the patches we need for AquaMark3, so that it works when we submit a score? I have not yet come accross them, or a list as to what all we need to download for it to work with 7 64bit. Any help with this is appreciated! Ken
  18. Why is the server so backed up with submissions? I have put several up in the last few days and they never go through, or they don't get any points? Ken
  19. I fixed it! I didn't notice the m and k till I ran it 3 times, and saw my high ranking......... what a shock that was. I knew something was wrong then, so looked more closely and saw what I had done. Everything is hunky dory now tho! Ken
  20. I fixed it, I know........ I used the wrong 32k instead of 32m It's gone now. It was my boo boo for running the wrong calc program. I originally didn't notice the M, anyway it's fixed now. Ken PS: Those high positions sure were a shock to me lol.
  21. Ok, Thanks, I deleted all of them But I could still see them and my new high ranking so I wanted to have them removed if needed. I don't want to be cheating for some points. I am still new to ocing, and I am learning. Thanks for the information Bud! Ken
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