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  1. ocvn

    Nick Shih's children price dropped

    They all gone sorry
  2. bios 0057 seems working great at least for 24/7 Raja 1T settings
  3. ocvn

    [WTB][EU] Z170M OC Formula

    still looking
  4. ocvn

    [WTB][EU] Z170M OC Formula

    thank you @ground1556 seems like I'm late for the game (again)
  5. ocvn

    Z170 MOCF and Z270 IX Apex modded

    I'm after George
  6. ocvn

    [WTB][EU] Z170M OC Formula

    Hey guys, Looking for this board (I know I'm late now). Accessories are not important, just need it to work fine. Modded for Coffee Lake is also fine. Shipped to the UK or to Vietnam/Singapore. Cheers and thanks for the space!
  7. ocvn

    Hands on DDR4-4600 C18 G.Skill TridentZ RGB

    he didn't specify the year guys maybe 3 years from now
  8. ocvn

    Nick Shih's children price dropped

    Price drops by another £50. So £200 now, need them gone
  9. ocvn

    Nick Shih's children price dropped

    Price drop by £50
  10. 1. Asrock Z87 OC Formula. Missing I/O shield, everything else included. Not sure about bios version, might not have the latest one. 2. Asrock X99 OC Formula. Everything included. As new condition, used to tested some chips, not sure about bios version. might not have the latest one. 3. Asrock Z170 OC Formula. Everything included. 2 pins burnt because silly me did not isolate coffee lake cpu. Still works fine with kabylake, coffee lake. Coffee lake 7.51D bios load on B, A bios is loaded with normal one from website. Selling due to moving abroad, asking £300 shipped within the UK, they are big so shipping costs a ton EU would probably cost £20 more (I'm sure its more than that but I can cover it a bit for EU friends).
  11. yeah my ATX OCF got burnt as well but it still works fine with both kaby and coffee.
  12. seems like cpuz older than 1.86 will read as dual channel
  13. seems like isolating 2 cpu pins is not needed when Apex X bios is flashed to the board.
  14. @jjxaker 1602 for the upcoming 8 core coffee lake? 😮