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  1. Hi Splave, Much appreciated for your contribution to Z170 Asrock bioses. Would you be able to provide 8086K bios for Z170 OCF ATX version? Sorry I was not being so clear in the thread.
  2. hello would you be able to update it with 8086k? Many thanks!
  3. ocvn

    [UK-EU][Give away] graphics cards

    all gone now
  4. ocvn

    [UK-EU][Give away] graphics cards

    Sorry forgot to mention they have been sitting in my cubboard for a good few years now I have no ideal if they still work or not but at the time I bought them they were working fine.
  5. ocvn

    [UK-EU][Give away] graphics cards

    shoot me a PM with your details. The postage I quoted was meant for all 4 cards not individual. If you only take 1 card I think it will be cheaper to post but not too much. I will also refund the difference if the postage cost turns out to be lower.
  6. I am giving the cards for postage cost only. 1. XFX GF 7900GT 470M 256MB 2. Gainward GTX 295 3. BFG 8800GTX OC 4. XFX 8800GTX All of them are in original condition (no modding or baking). They were purchased for collection purposes but now it's time to let them go to someone who might have a better use. I'm asking only for postage cost, probably around £10 within the UK or £15-20 for EU.
  7. ocvn

    [WTB] [EU-IT] 8700K, X299 OC FORMULA

    Any requirement for 8700k?
  8. ocvn

    Galax OC Lab 2017 2x8GB DDR4

    Thank you so much but I have sorted it out. Thread can be closed. Good luck with the sale later.
  9. ocvn

    Galax OC Lab 2017 2x8GB DDR4

    Looking for 2x8gb Galax OC Lab 2017 version. Preferably in good comestic condition. Ship to the UK. Many thanks!
  10. ocvn

    Price check

    Gigelz is selling his MOCF mint condition for 200 euro but it hasn't been sold for some time, I guess it should be less than that, around 150 maybe since there would be excess supply.
  11. This is probably a long shot but if anyone happen to have this card maybe we can strike a deal. Good working condition preferred. Many thanks!
  12. ocvn


    Alright good luck
  13. ocvn


    Would you take gtx 1080 instead?
  14. ocvn

    [FS][EU] Intel 8700K New,box!

    i will take it please