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  1. Esos 1,8V son reales? El micro sigue vivo? El resultado es buenísimo, pero menudo calentón se llevó el micro!
  2. Thank you very much Turrican!
  3. Please, could you add the HD 7870 to the database? This is the screen with the specs: This is a overclocked part, the frequencies for the reference card are 1000/1200MHz. Thans guys!
  4. A very very lucky guy!!! Congrats!!!
  5. Please, clarify this. I always save the validation file without the CPU-Z and GPU-Z screens, and after that i make the full screenshot. Is It that way valid or not?
  6. Yes but someone pointed some post ago that some subtest scales with extra cores. Try it and let us know, please.
  7. But for PCMark more cores are better, so don´t disable it!
  8. I did it because it´s allowed in the bot. Maybe this should be clarified for the next competition. In my CPU the difference between 2 cores and 4 cores are about 50-100MHz.
  9. Just submit my scores...nothing to do in Wprime with water cooled x4, but the scores in PiFast and SuperPI are not bad at all. See you guys!
  10. Try to increase the VTT (maybe system agent in ASUS BIOSes??)
  11. I found 9 submissions reported. It´s related with the rig pictures. All of this are old submissions, so picture was nor required. What should i do?
  12. Nice one knopflerbruce! It´s not easy to find this kind of hardware. I was looking for a second HD 3870 but i didn´t found a cheap one.
  13. Yes, yes, as I said, you´re right. But you need high end hardware that´s not easy to find.
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