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  1. Thanks guys. I forgot to say that all crappy Teapos caps are gone I replaced them with Chemicon KZJ = Rubycon MCZ and/or Nichicon HZ... Thats why this board rocks, I dunno who else got to those speeds and ran a 3DMark... @I.nfraR.ed This was over 15 years ago probably my 3rd board modded and recaped. Aesthetics wasn’t my concern back then 😂
  2. I don’t remember how much I did 15 years ago but 2800mhz sounds about right for top chips and boards.
  3. Super conservative volts and speeds I achieved because they where done on Thermalright Aircooler, only God knows how well this will perform under Ln2. Check my YouTube video, - 268 fsb all on air...
  4. Thank you mate, yeah I’m factoring in a lot of stuff here and I’m open for offers. Thanks for the kind words.
  5. Hi @ozzie, unfortunately the Australian dollar is taking a beating at the moment, I will accept reasonable offers. Its hard to price something that doesn’t exist anymore but I would say you getting a good bang for the buck here on special binned equipment. Make me an offer.
  6. Hey @Splave man seeing your name brings back so many good memories. OC before YouTube was a ‘thing’. Mining before Bitcoin etc 🙂 Good times my friend! How are you and the folks from OCA?
  7. Hi @Mr.Scott at this time I'm trying to sell it as a combo.
  8. ** WILL SHIP WORLDWIDE AT BUYER'S EXPENSE ** This is unobtanium super rare DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard Rev. A Also selling 2 rare Athlon's CPU (including a famous IQYHA0351)... Seling all as a COMBO. I quitted the OC game 12+ years ago, used to be #11 competing privately against sponsored OCiers. It has been sitting in my attic ever since and I forgot about it. It's heavily modded (all volt mods plus 2 bios add on) to run these memories and CPU at its peak, see video at 2-2-2-9 at 268Mhz! Included all seen in pictures: AMD Athlon AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW Kingston KHX3200K2/512 KIT DFI LANPARTY NF2 REV.A ATHLON AXDA2400KV3C - AIUHB0317MPMW ATHLON AXMG22600FQQ4C – IQYHA0351MPMW System Test DFI LANParty NF2 Ultra B Modded Motherboard + CPU + RAM 268 fsb ////// Link>>> https://youtu.be/0-KoU9HTZRw This is a collector's item. 387 GBP + Shipping
  9. Hi @Gunslinger is the motherboard still available?
  10. I guess you missed the entire thread yesterday, Hiwa's cpu was never sold to Pippo369. How did he sell a CPU on April and then got the same CPU back for benching on May? There is only one name for that: Hardware Sharing...
  11. HWbot already has all the proof that Hiwa borrowed the cpu to Pippo369 and they are making the decision if they will allow the harware sharing or not. The thread was pulled down by me because the staff was getting the wrong impression I was bashing them when in realitty I'm just any other user here that spotted an infration and brought that to their attetion.
  12. Maxi please don't take any of my words personally or represent them as bashing anyone, that's really not on my nature if you meet me in person you would see what I'm talking about. Sure internet and plain words on the screen make them look worse. What I felt was that 'knopfe' was jumping too soon into conclusions and that really put me a little of to the defensive because as a mod you have to moderate and never take sides... I am a HWbot supporter as you can see on my profile and I wouldn't be here if I didn't believe on the crew. Again I'm not 'bashing' the staff I just think sometimes I'm not heard in here you know. When you have zero sponsors and you get to top 12 in the world with 4 or 6 cpu's all your life and you buy them like any other John Doe on eBay and you feel you are not heard can you imagine if you're top 205670 guy out there? So it's just some small things.
  13. Need more proof: So Hiwa didn't sell jack to Pippo but BORROWED the cpu for the REVIEW on April/2010. He received the CPU back and benched away on MAY/2010... What else? EDIT: http://hwbot.org/community/submission/993568_pippo369_cpu_z_core_i5_670_6703.36_mhz http://hwbot.org/community/submission/993574_pippo369_pifast_core_i5_670_14.64_sec http://hwbot.org/community/submission/993571_pippo369_superpi_core_i5_670_6sec_593ms If thru the entire HWbot administrators there is no one that can see this as a matter of principals and ethics I really prefer to give up on this sport & community...
  14. Once you start lying: The CPU was borrowed on April/2010 to Pippo where the results were obtained: http://www.nexthardware.com/recensioni/schede-madri/330/evga-p55-classified-200_10.htm Hiwa said he last used the cpu on May/2010: http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=252209&highlight=670 So common what you gonna say next to defend this behavior? He just waited a couple more months to post results and go on unnoticed...
  15. Yeah if it all comes down to proof as in a Court then we have to rely on his word. Case settled& closed then.
  16. Cristal Clear: 4. Lending hardware, hardware sharing, score sharing/selling/buying This in a delicate subject as we have to trust on the honesty of those participating at the HWbot that they are indeed using their own hardware and not sharing a golden sample CPU or VGA card. Let’s start with what is allowed to be shared: everything… except: - VGA may not be shared for 3D Benchmarks - CPU may not be shared for 2D Benchmarks - special cases, like what to do with joint bench sessions and manufacturer hardware is explained here. 3952208.jpg While the rules are quite simple and straightforward, enforcing them isn’t. If you are having a joint benchmark session, provide as much proof and information as possible when you submit a new HWBot score, which shows you were using your own hardware for the benchmark in question, a photo with a paper showing your nickname and the product serial number is good way to do this. Now enforce the rule...
  17. There is no way of verifying that information (was it really sold, is it the same cpu, did the other guy really bench it etc) only thing I know it's that the same cpu was used by the same team more then once to give that team points and in this case more then 200 points counting spi, pifast etc. The way you guys are putting this is just making the rules more confusing and subject to the famous 'bending'... If there was an admission that the same cpu was used to produce results within the same team this is more then enough to mark the submissions unacceptable. Oj0 - what you say doesn't make any sense, sorry, one punishment has nothing to do with the other (Hiwa's case has nothing to do with the team mate's submission w/ the same cpu), maybe when Hiwa's ban is lifted he will post these results again. The point here is HWbot enforcing this rule or not?
  18. Results made with Hiwa's golden cpu: http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1027255_pippo369_wprime_32m_core_i5_670_7sec_235ms http://hwbot.org/community/submission/1027258_pippo369_wprime_1024m_core_i5_670_3min_52sec_406ms Hiwa's quote:
  19. I see the scores are still up, so if I follow this correctly HWbot says it's ok to share hardware among your teamates as long as it's sold?! This is ridiculous I've been always told the contrary. Same CPU will be #1,2,3 on the same 2D bench like Hiwa and Peppo's results. Good to know this new interpretation of the rule by Hwbot.
  20. Knopfe I respect your opinion but please stop you're shooting your own foot! You see the fine line your crossing there?! Double standards...
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