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  1. I must have some kind of glitch in 03. This score is insane.
  2. Thats what it came up guys. I was thinking bug or glitch also when i saw how far above first it was. Its a 100% legit screenshot.
  3. Your not suppose to submit a score with physx on in vantage. I clicked disable PPU in vantage when i ran mine. The second CPU score should only be about 37 tops with physx disabled.
  4. You guys need to tell pablopol24 that his Vantage Submissions on his 2 x GTS 250"s is with Physx on. Please have him delete those.
  5. Why do my screen shots not show after submitting. Im useing PNG and only about 1.5 meg. Anyone know what to use for them to show after submission.
  6. Ok guys im in. Already up to 4th place in the team standings. Submit you some scores guys.
  7. Merry Christmas to everyone.
  8. You will have to take your heatsink off and thermal paste to see the batch number of your chip. Unless you have the box that it came in. Then it will be listed on the box.
  9. Was thinking about joining also. What do i need to know and where do i apply. Sorry new here and dont know my way around yet.
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