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  1. Ilpingu

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Hi, sorry but if i not misunderstanding, 1151v1(z170) and 1151v2(z270 z370 z390) is considered different socket, but modded motherboard/cpu that can run across different socket and chipset is allowed ? (Example: z170 mocf m9a modded for coffee lake, or 8700k/7700k that can run on different socket) Sorry for bothering you, it’s just for understand all well 😅
  2. I’m not able to edit, anyway After more than a month witout ln2, some 8709k testing. I’m not able to pass 64x even with high core voltage e pll, i need “the magic setting”😂 Anyway this ram is realy wonderfull.
  3. Ilpingu

    A lot of stuff,take a look

    Sorry, but is this an alpenföhn ? How much you want for this ? how much cost shipping to italy ?
  4. Many thanks, it’s the first Amd Power board that i try to do. it seem very complicate, but i want to try almost 😅
  5. Hi, sadly mi 7970 matrix platinum is dead, so i decide to try to transform it in a power card. So please, does anyone have the asp 1211 datasheet ? Thanks to all. (p.s. Sorry for my bad english 😅)
  6. Suggestions are welcome, im noob and i know it ahahah ✌🏻
  7. Ty Ale, keep trying in my case 😂
  8. Hi, sorry, but which cpu pad you mean ? And bios flash pads on the mobo, are the same that in the “original” mod posted by Alex, is needed to solder?
  9. Does anyone know if this bios have the usb o.c. detection enabled ?