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  1. Hi, if you want, i have a 6.8 r15/ 7.0 3d 8700k. P.m. Me if you are interested
  2. Hi, there are some possibilities of bioses with improved a2 pcb oc for m9a/mxa ?
  3. Sponsored is intended directly by vendor, or even by a local store for example ?
  4. Hi, sorry but if i not misunderstanding, 1151v1(z170) and 1151v2(z270 z370 z390) is considered different socket, but modded motherboard/cpu that can run across different socket and chipset is allowed ? (Example: z170 mocf m9a modded for coffee lake, or 8700k/7700k that can run on different socket) Sorry for bothering you, it’s just for understand all well πŸ˜…
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