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  1. Suggestions are welcome, im noob and i know it ahahah ✌🏻
  2. Ty Ale, keep trying in my case πŸ˜‚
  3. Wow, that ram are impressive πŸ˜…
  4. Hi, sorry, but which cpu pad you mean ? And bios flash pads on the mobo, are the same that in the β€œoriginal” mod posted by Alex, is needed to solder?
  5. Does anyone know if this bios have the usb o.c. detection enabled ?
  6. Thank you for sharing Alex, realy great work
  7. Hi to all, i have to request, if it’s possible making a little change in my Hwbot and forum nickname. The change is from ilpingu, to IlPingu Thanks guys
  8. Does anyone know if it’s release is expected for the pubblic ?
  9. Hi, i havent tried, where i can find it please ?