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  1. xxbassplayerxx

    [WTB](USA) Fat GPU Pot, Rampage Extreme

    I have a REX. Sending a PM.
  2. xxbassplayerxx

    Scammed by NCspecV81?

    He's been banned from OCN for many years, but nothing in relation to scamming or anything like that. @Wimpzilla, It's definitely him as he was in our private chat for a while and was talking to me about trying to get the ban lifted. He was a great OCN teammate many years back and I would never see him as a scammer, but I guess people change.
  3. xxbassplayerxx

    HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Discussion

    I damaged the IHS on one from using a toothed vise grip but the chip worked fine. Image: http://cdn.overclock.net/2/2e/900x900px-LL-2ec9072f_20151230_135131991_iOS.jpeg
  4. xxbassplayerxx

    HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Discussion

    1. Paper launches are nothing new. Make a ruling at the beginning of the competition and stick with it. Don't rely on promises... rely on facts. Can people in most major markets buy the product? If not, don't allow it. 2. You can delid without tools... you're really reaching with this "point". 3. It may not be the only reason but it's a contributor. I agree with Wulfe that the shuffling back and forth is very unprofessional and it's not new. It feels like the rules change halfway through almost every competition here.
  5. 7087.... I love these chips! Way to go BB!
  6. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS] Rampage Extreme X48

  7. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    Happy they arrived safely!
  8. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    Only the 1866C7 Hypers remain!
  9. xxbassplayerxx

    Legacy 3DMark and PCMark Keys

  10. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    Remaining PI and 2000C8 sold to @ViNG! Sorry GTI Update on the 6700K. Did some testing last night, the chip is strong. Passes HWBot Prime in W10, 5GHz @ 1.370V. Passes XTU @ 1.430V and is stress test stable at 4.9GHz @ 1.380V.
  11. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    I don't know what you're talking about
  12. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    2300 stick sold to Sunset. 1866C7 hypers and remainder of the PSC sold to WhiteWulfe! Still available! 2000C8 Hypers pending to @ViNG. Updated above. PSC and 1866C7 Hypers still available.
  13. xxbassplayerxx

    7700K 6.7G R15