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  1. Intel has recently stopped hosting older versions so I'm looking to put together a library with links and notes on compatibility for older versions. Please share what you have downloaded now and if you have any experience with it working or not working with certain platforms, please share. No code has to be inserted here. Note: Only versions 5.1.2 and newer can be used to upload scores to HWBot. Anything older should only be used for personal testing and will be blocked if used to make a submission for points. See HWBot News here for more information.
  2. @SF3D @Billy\-The\-Kid @NeoForce @beleno @Calathea @fuzz3l @sheri-robak-tiger; @ARandomOWL @kintaro @Gluvocio @matose @nickolp1974 @Nick\.ua @THC @baker18 @kim55 @DopeLex @MattNo5ss @Radi @Solarfall; @OverExtreme @gradus @CtrlFix @alibabar @F\.O\.G\.N\.A\. @Vivi @k\|ngp\|n @Cische-; @westyle Hi guys, I went through all of the Rampage Extreme subs that I could find to get anyone who has subbed over 670 FSB with a reference clock, E8400, E8500, or E8600. I have now tested two different boards and two different chips subzero with my NB frozen. Both chips had the exact same wall at 670.6 FSB and from searching around, it seems like quite a few others have run into the wall there... but a few have made it past that. I have changed every voltage that I can imagine... PLL from 1.60V up to 1.85V, FSB Term from 1.55V-1.80V, NB from 1.55V to 1.85V, etc. The things I haven't touched yet... GTL's. I've read that on the REX they can stay on auto. For those of you that made it past 670, did you start manually tweaking these? What about clock skews? On my P5E3 Premium, a skew of +200 ms on the CPU was practically mandatory but I wasn't finding any successes on the REX by tweaking this. So... please share your FSB clocking tips! I have a bomb E8500 that I'd like to get up past 6.4GHz and I know 6GHz isn't the wall on my E8400. Thanks in advance... I know a lot of the people mentioned above aren't active but whatever
  3. xxbassplayerxx

    B-Die Binning

    Hey guys, what kits have you binned so far? What have your results looked like? What timings/volt combos are you binning for? I'm thinking of grabbing one of the 3200C14 kits but others have been pushing saying the 4000 and 4133 kits have been of much higher quality. Those kits have sold out immediately every time they've been in stock so there has to be lots of people buying them. G.Skill From G.Skill's press release here, these should be B-Die: G.Skill 3200 14-14-14 @ 1.35V Ripjaws V Black | Ripjaws V Red | TridentZ G.Skill 3600 16-16-16 @ 1.35V Ripjaws V Black | TridentZ G.Skill 3600 17-18-18 @ 1.35V Ripjaws V | TridentZ G.Skill 3733 17-17-17 @ 1.35V TridentZ (currently listed as 8x2GB instead of 2x8GB--just a Newegg error) G.Skill 3733 17-19-19 @ 1.35V G.Skill 3866 18-22-22 @ 1.35V G.Skill 4000 19-21-21 @ 1.35V TridentZ G.Skill 4133 19-25-25 @ 1.40V TridentZ GeiL GeiL 4000 19-25-25 @ 1.40V Patriot Patriot 3400 16-18-18 Corsair Corsair 3600 18-19-19
  4. Hey all, Since Bull is playing with other boards right now I figured I'd share my journey with this board. I received it yesterday and just got a few minutes to tweak before I had to call it a night. Using BIOS F5 (newest), there are still a few things to iron out. Issues (possibly user error, still new to the board): RTL and IOL 55 every time I touch them, even if I set them to the same values it had set automatically. EDIT: I've been told this may be due to setting just RTL and leaving IOL on auto. Will verify this evening if setting them both manually fixes the issue. tCWL was unbootable at 9, which many others are running at much higher frequencies tWTR_L defaults to 12 if I set 10 or 11. Haven't tried other values yet. Don't have a Pi OS put together for SKL yet... just running on a dirty W7 for now. Only tweaked primary and secondaries, not very tight. RTL and IOL are auto for the time being. Kingston 3333C17 1.35V MFR @ 3333 13-15-15 28 1T @ 1.50V
  5. xxbassplayerxx

    [WTB](USA) Fat GPU Pot, Rampage Extreme

    I have a REX. Sending a PM.
  6. I created a map to help overclockers find each other! I know there have to be other people in or around Chicago that want to meet up and bench and I'm sure there are other people thinking the same thing... Map your location with your HWBot/forum name and add the forums that you frequent and can be contacted through. Let's get some awareness and some benching parties! :celebration: Editable map here. EDIT: Removed USA from title. Anyone can add him (or her ) self.
  7. xxbassplayerxx

    Scammed by NCspecV81?

    He's been banned from OCN for many years, but nothing in relation to scamming or anything like that. @Wimpzilla, It's definitely him as he was in our private chat for a while and was talking to me about trying to get the ban lifted. He was a great OCN teammate many years back and I would never see him as a scammer, but I guess people change.
  8. xxbassplayerxx

    HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Discussion

    I damaged the IHS on one from using a toothed vise grip but the chip worked fine. Image: http://cdn.overclock.net/2/2e/900x900px-LL-2ec9072f_20151230_135131991_iOS.jpeg
  9. xxbassplayerxx

    HWBOT Team Cup 2017 Discussion

    1. Paper launches are nothing new. Make a ruling at the beginning of the competition and stick with it. Don't rely on promises... rely on facts. Can people in most major markets buy the product? If not, don't allow it. 2. You can delid without tools... you're really reaching with this "point". 3. It may not be the only reason but it's a contributor. I agree with Wulfe that the shuffling back and forth is very unprofessional and it's not new. It feels like the rules change halfway through almost every competition here.
  10. 7087.... I love these chips! Way to go BB!
  11. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS] Rampage Extreme X48

  12. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    Happy they arrived safely!
  13. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    1. Intel Core i7 6700K - $265 Shipped US48 Sold! Delidded, works fine. Batch # L548C027. HWBot Prime 5GHz, 1.370V. 2. 3x2GB 1866C7 Corsair Hypers, CMG6GX3M3A1866C7 - $60 Shipped US48 3. 3x2GB 2000C8 Corsair Hypers, CMG6GX3M3A2000C8 - $80 Shipped US48 - Sold to ViNG 4. 4x2GB 2200C7 G.Skill PIS, F3-17600CL7D-4GBPIS - $80 Shipped US48 - Sold to ViNG Two green PCB, two black. 5. 1x2GB 2300C8 G.Skill PIS, F3-18400CL8D-4GBPIS - $30 Shipped US48 Sold to Sunset! Has been greased and cold (by Smoke, if I recall). Heatspreader is loose because of this. I don't have any results for this stuff because it's been about a year since I touched any of it. I know it all works so it's guaranteed against DOA. I can combine shipping if you buy multiple items. Payment via Paypal or Venmo (preferred). 1. 2. 3. 4. & 5.
  14. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    Only the 1866C7 Hypers remain!
  15. xxbassplayerxx

    Legacy 3DMark and PCMark Keys

  16. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    Remaining PI and 2000C8 sold to @ViNG! Sorry GTI Update on the 6700K. Did some testing last night, the chip is strong. Passes HWBot Prime in W10, 5GHz @ 1.370V. Passes XTU @ 1.430V and is stress test stable at 4.9GHz @ 1.380V.
  17. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    I don't know what you're talking about
  18. xxbassplayerxx

    [FS | US] Corsair Hypers (1866C7)

    2300 stick sold to Sunset. 1866C7 hypers and remainder of the PSC sold to WhiteWulfe! Still available! 2000C8 Hypers pending to @ViNG. Updated above. PSC and 1866C7 Hypers still available.
  19. xxbassplayerxx

    7700K 6.7G R15

  20. xxbassplayerxx

    7700K 6.7G R15

    Damn dude... Giving this one away. Crazy it hasn't sold.
  21. xxbassplayerxx

    Gigabyte Z170X-SOC Force - DDR4

  22. Alright, let's kick this off ... :celebration: Tested Batches: No code has to be inserted here. <iframe src="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1LkBXyEfwna60B51u1OCs57bOsnyVz8oBsBctvENF4oE/pubhtml?widget=true&headers=false"></iframe>