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  1. Probably obvious, but if you're searching for multiple sponsors, be sure to tell them who else is interested and what they're providing. This can do a few things: 1) Prevent one sponsor from becoming upset when the event isn't only theirs 2) bring legitimacy to the event, and thus more sponsors 3) Drive sponsors to step up what they provide I hope I can make it...
  2. No worries Web. I've been trying to scope some GTX2 for a while. I have too much PSC and no luck with it at the moment. Thanks anyway!
  3. Unfortunately, it's pretty easy to blow a VRM on these boards. Pull out a DMM and start measuring resistances!
  4. Yeah, I knew you were going to be selling them for him but I was talking to him about price. Thought I had them reserved, if you will.
  5. Well that sucks. I was talking to your friend over on OCN about the GTX2 last week and he said he was going to check with you on them.
  6. Check the same post by [Wanted]. He has the P35 and P45 board.
  7. What about walking? I guess I should get started for next year's conference?
  8. Looks like there's one posted in the FS section right now.
  9. CAPS LOCK MEANS SRS BSNS. Just kidding... Hope Dumo can resolve this ASAP. Sounds kinda like Dimas
  10. 480 can't run PCI-E Gen 3, right? Maybe the issue is with PCI-E Gen 2.
  11. @Fact11, I was completing 32M at 3866 12-12-12 1T. However, I was binning sticks so only running in single channel. I'm having difficulties posting with two sticks. It makes it to 62 and graphics come on, then it goes up to 69 for a brief second then restarts. It will eventually fail on 32, 55, 4A, or a number of other codes when it tries to train one more time. I didn't have much time to troubleshoot last night so I'll keep trying tonight and updating here.
  12. Just a note... B-Die is very temperamental when it comes to voltage. It's very possible that your sticks may fail at 1.90V and require less to do 3866 12-12-12... Just have to test! It's also possible that they would require more, though less seems to be more common at this point. For reference, I have tested three sticks so far. The first wants ~1.88V, the second only passes sometimes but when it does, it's around 1.86V. The third just passed at 1.86V and I'm testing lower now.
  13. Interesting! Did you have a heat gun blowing on the memory or anything like that? How did you insulate the memory?
  14. Thanks to @george\.kokovinis, I now have this board doing 3866 12-12-12 with no issue at all! Ignore my setting above and try 1.18V for VCCIO instead. It's suddenly completely stable where it wasn't earlier!
  15. Amazing! Is that a Matrix 285? What kind of issues were you having with the cold? When I ran mine, it would start bugging hard if colder than -90°C or so and running more than 1050 core wanted colder.
  16. Mine will train with 1.35V on VCCSA and VCCIO and run fine. Still working on getting 3866 12-12-12 stable though. Will try to push VCCPLL!
  17. I chatted with him a bit about that board. He was running into the same issue I was for a long time that caused me to curse the board too. It didn't seem capable of overclocking memory at all. It turned out to be the DRAM Training Voltage. This voltage defaults to 1.50V, no matter what is set for DRAM volts.... so when setting 1.85V or so, the memory was only training with 1.50V and would always fail to boot. With DRAM Training Volts set manually, the board has no issues running memory nice and tight :ws:
  18. I dunno man, I think I've got it figured out at this point. 3800 12-12-12 no issue so far. Not sure if my B-Die is up for more but I'm still working!
  19. David, I have a datasheet in my files too. Link in case it's different. https://www.dropbox.com/s/4i5v96vqfc63iak/VT1165M_PROGRAMMABLE_REGULATOR.pdf?dl=0
  20. There's basically a BCLK hole between 102.74 and 103.00. Skip to 105 or so and move up from there. If you have a Non-K OC BIOS, it should be happy to do so.
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