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  1. So that's something that's possibly coming? Because it would be nice to show how terrible the 875K is!
  2. Hey rich, is there a way for me to set a hardware constraint? I want to do this: [ hwbot=app=CPU-Z,hardware=Core i7 875K]submissionranking[/hwbot] But it's not working...
  3. Here's my thinking: Count the total submissions from all chips in the architecture. With the points, award them for the specific chip. By this I mean combining all ~30K submissions for the architecture (i7 900/W35xx series) but awarding points based on how the 920/W3520s compare with eachother and so forth. That way, my W3520 would get me 27th for the 920/W3520 category and would give about 22 points since it's a 'popular category,' having ~30K submissions. EDIT: I also mean to include identical chips in each category. The W35xx Xeons are the same chips with a different name and a slightly higher price tag. They have no multiplier advantage nor an architecture advantage. I'm not sure if I made my position clear on that.
  4. I guess the people who did well with the other chips in the 900 series (other than 930 and 920) don't get the points they deserve, either. Is the plan to separate Extreme Editions?
  5. I was confused when submitting my 3D scores. I saw almost as many W3520s as I did 920s and didn't make the connection that I was in the 4890 category, not 920. This is awful, though. I might have to sell this processor. Has there ever been talks of combining the categories (not in name, but in ranking and points)?
  6. I'll change it. Next time, try not to be so rude.
  7. lol... but those do differ a TINY bit, at least more so than the name!
  8. I did this yesterday under the impression that it was how it's supposed to go. Since it's the exact same chip with a different name, can this stand? Or do I need to resubmit it as a W3520? I just got this chip and it has a bright future. However, this future will be with very few points if I have to submit it as a W3520. 23rd i7 920 1M gives 23.3 points whereas 5th W3520 gives ~9ish points.
  9. How did you get 1.175V? Is this not in a netbook? I used to be in first then you guys with your higher voltage came in and moved me to 4th
  10. Wow! World record on 1156! I wouldn't have expected that! I guess it makes sense that you don't need more than 16 PCI lanes for one card... and all of the other stats are pretty similar... Except the onboard PCI controller lowers latencies... Actually, now that I think about it, it makes perfect sense! Congrats anyways. Amazing clocks on that 5870!
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