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  1. 1600 6-7-6 didn't POST? If they can do 2000 6-13-6 and 2000 8-9-8, then try 2000 6-9-6.
  2. tRCD=10 at DDR3-2400 sounds more like Elpida (BSSE maybe) to me than PSC. Have you tried 6-7-6 or 6-8-6 at DDR3-1600?
  3. There some rare exceptions but in general that's what i would do, too. The last halfway decent 1600 kit i bought were early F3-12800CL7D-4GBECO. Out of two kits the better one did DDR3-2400 8-11-8-28 1T twcl6 at 1.74V on Z97X-SOC Force.
  4. Schade, dass du kein Z97 Brett da hast um den Speicher ein bisschen zu treten
  5. APU Control Interface looks awesome. I can hardly wait to get my hands on it^^
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