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  1. Hi All I have the 170a xpower gaming titanium and the i7 6700K. Im not new to OC and im not new to MSI MB or Bios, but i have searched high and low for a guide or video of this board and its bios. I want to know what the advanced settings mean and how or when i should use them. So if anyone have a link that explains these things or if someone knows it, i would be greatful for your help..
  2. Hi all. Well as the titel says i have the MSI board and the i7 6700K. The thing is that i know how to OC, i have done it for many years now, but i wanna know what all the settings in my MSI bios means and what they do and how and when i should use them. I have searched high and low on google and youtube and MSI site but i cant find anything realy relevent. So if someone knows where i can find like a guide to this MB or if someone know how its done and willing to help/explain to me, i would be greatful..
  3. Hi Guys/Girls, i have a question. I have been trying to get the Command Center Lite, and the memory one, but i cant find it anywhere to download. So can you please help me...
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