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  1. Then people would only be restricted by dew point using a chiller with no insulation.
  2. Points earned League points: 639 in Overclockers League Team Power Points: 700.2 earned for the team (GTPP and: HTPP) Worldrecord: 0 earned with world records Global: 200.2 earned in benchmark rankings Hardware: 454.8 earned in hardware rankings competition: 1 earned in competitions Total Points: 656 points in total Here from my profile its says i have 639 League points and Total Points 656. Shouldn't the League Points be the same as Total points? Currently it also shows me ranked at 639 points not 656 points. I have tried recalculating 3 days in a row with no change.
  3. My score is not updating after submitting new benchmarks. I have done recalculate 3 times already with no update.
  4. Did I read somewhere that we can send back the POM top for the ram pot and get the new top mount? Or is it for sell somewhere? Also is the gpu pot able to do 4-way?
  5. Had an issue like this with the z87 UD4 error 55 but didnt nearly have the amount of PJelly in the Ram slots as you did. However i did let it dry out for about 3 days and it booted fine but one of my mem sticks was dead... Which bios are you running?
  6. Loaded and benched with new bios today F152 and it didnt lockup after setting mem to 2800mhz like F151b. Great board running smooth now just like my z77 OCF
  7. Only getting around 750 points here on haswell stock but im using a 4GB kit at 1400mhz. i hear ram plays a big part so guess 8GB kit is the way to go. Ill try fresh OS first.
  8. Looking good Bass. Got the same batch here im guessing 5.8ghz - 6.1ghz on LN2. Box mod was good for 1k
  9. Hi having an issue with Z87 OCF if i clear CMOS with cpu temps under 5c and reboot i get a CPU led error and cant boot using LN2 switch or cold slow switch. After heating up the cpu again i can go into bios and set LN2 pre-test and cool cpu to -66c "dry-ice" and reboot just fine. I'm changing back and forth from stock bios and F1.51B also tried using clear CMOS jumper and remove battery. I dont know what else to do, i have done the above steps 3 times to confirm the issue was consistent... When i was using another board i didnt have any CB issues with the same CPU.
  10. @tiorrr i was hoping the pot would be a little taller since pulling down temps with acetone can be tricky to not splash. I found that its best to run acetone about 1/4 inch above the raisers to get the best temps with dry-ice. Having said that very impressed with kit and enjoying it. @bass Thanks for the clarification
  11. Hi SF3D do you by chance know the specs for the new Rev on ram pot aluminium top extension? Mostly been using this kit with DICE and would like to know if the top is taller on the new rev?
  12. This kit does 6-9-6-22 on haswell. I agree that 4 is a bug having read into it a little more but it isnt far off. Thanks for the input.
  13. Thanks for the input. This kit went down to 5-6cl on haswell and a gigabyte board. So 4cl might not be correct but im no mem guru. For this session i used Asrock OCF if you look at the sub you can see how i prepped the board. I used vaseline on the board and mem sticks themselves after taking the cooler off the mem and paste on each mem pad. Plus a delta fan pulling air away from them. I was able to run for about 2hrs before the system started to act funny.
  14. 4-10-7-22 @ 2520Mhz 1.825v -60c Thanks to my new EK mem pot! Tried for 2720Mhz all the way up to 2 volts but might need more cold. Cant wait for the new rev that can hold more acetone and hoping the aluminium top extension will be taller. As it is right now the POM top is a little tricky to bring the temps down without spilling. http://hwbot.org/submission/2402025_threedhero_3dmark03_radeon_hd_7970_182278_marks
  15. Yeah 4-10-7-22 1.85v is correct ;-) Cl 3 isn't even an option in the asrock mem app so I can't try it but might the kit might be able to.
  16. Oh that was my bad I was looking at your SS at work and it looked like 1.8v.
  17. I just OC'ed this card again last week and had no issues with newer drivers. Had no issues with stability, youre score looks to be on par with mine. http://hwbot.org/submission/2397884_threedhero_3dmark06_geforce_9600_gt_18813_marks/ Also if you were running your 3770k at 1.8vcore like your 4770k on DICE temps i can see why it died. That way too much, safe voltage for DICE is 1.65vcore. I use two probes one on the pot and one on the IHS during 3d06 tests the IHS will hit temps around -52c and when idle they will be -66c.
  18. When i was getting error code 15 on the ud4 i broke everything down and the ram slots were soaked from a dice session.
  19. Just opened this for a friend and myself but anyone is welcome. Hey Halo its been awhile.
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