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  1. Question/favor for everyone. I'm thinking of returning the i5-6500 I bought with this mobo and picking up an open box i5-7600k Kaby Lake for the same price. I know most manufacturers updated their bioses to support Kaby Lake, and Supermicro just put a ver 2.0 bios out for the C7H170-M, but they don't put out change logs and support is telling me Kaby Lake support isn't verified yet. But I asked him to look at the release notes and it did mention Kaby Lake. If anyone has a C7H170-M and a Kaby Lake cpu at hand can you try it out? Thanks!
  2. Will do. In case anyone else needs it: https://www.supermicro.com/support/resources/getfile.aspx?ID=3451
  3. Thanks. I actually found ver 1.1 with "Extra Performance" by using the Wayback Machine site cache of Supermicro's download page. Let me know if you'd like it.
  4. Hello. I just got a Supermicro C7H170-M and it came with bios ver 1.1 and no "Extra Performance" section. I was able to find a 1.0c version but it was C07 (not C09 like you used here) and also did not have "Extra Performance". Can you point me to where I can download 1.0c C09 bios, or anything newer that still has the "Extra Performance" section? As a new member I don't seem to be able to PM. Thanks!
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