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  1. I deleted my bugged results, as a note. Discovered that I have a 980x result that is actually legit, I think. Pretty stoked about that.
  2. I can confirm this fact to be true.
  3. Lost a E450 sub to this new development this morning. Oh well. Noticed last night when it was reported that the only person in front of me was Geniben, also using threads tweak. Noticed this morning that his score is gone too. I appreciate the equality, HWBot mods. Thanks! I also appreciate that the ruling has become much simpler and easier to look at. For clarity and to make sure this post survives translation, there is no sarcasm contained in this post. I really do appreciate it.
  4. I appreciate the action that you can, and did, take.
  5. Is that a week till they forget about it again, or a week till they actually do something? It's been 8 months now! Hell two and a half weeks ago there was a clear, intentional, specific admission of guilt. Obviously I have no idea what the staff process is, as there is no transparency here. Here's what it looks like to me, a non-staff member, though: Steps to investigate something not involving a staff member: 1) Receive report. 2) Talk about it. 3) Shelve it. 4) Wait for someone to start a thread. 5) Say it's being looked into. 6) Ignore it more. 7) When questioned, say it's being looked into. 8) GOTO 6 Steps to investigate a score that beats a mod's score with similar clocks: 1) Declare it to be a bugged run. 2) Remove score. Always the case? No, neither situation always happens like that. It happens far more often than I'd like though. How much talking can there really be? For that matter, what is there to talk about?
  6. Yeah, that's about the extent of it. It was "looked at", then forgotten, then "looked at" again, then nothing for four months with no updates. Discussing it three weeks ago is lovely, if five months late, but it currently looks like HW sharing is allowed, based on the results still being there and no updates being given. If you're allowing HW sharing now, that's fine. If not, it might be nice to see evidence of mods doing their job on this.
  7. Sounds like it needs a wrapper, and then to have the database purged of all pre-wrapper results. I don't think we can really ask the mods to check every single result, because: 1) That's a crapload of results and therefor work. 2) The mods won't do it anyway.
  8. Who is surprised that nothing has been done here? Might be the most blatant hardware sharing I've seen.
  9. Microsoft probably didn't give the slightest thought to the base clock changing while in windows. Nobody does that but us remember? We're a tiny slice of microsoft's pie, why should they care in the slightest?
  10. My vote goes to yanking points entirely. There's far too much room for subtle cheating IMO. Or set limits for each subtest per HW class and run it like pro cycling blood density. "Cheat to this line and no further" style. Really though PC05's time is over.
  11. You broke the benchmark! Good work! Maybe it can be retired now! Actually I'm very curious as to what's going on, a genuine 10GB/s virus scan seems unlikely, but I don't actually what what the virus scan test does internally. How fast does Avast scan that drive?
  12. Shouldn't all prior scores be chucked, or at least checked with prejudice? Given that there's no SS to check windows version, it seems like a major problem to me.
  13. So given that you can't see what OS XTU results use (no SS), and there are magic "tweaks" in the wild, and a lot of the SS's that do exist that show high scores are on Win8, can we block all XTU results for being suspiciously high? If not, what, if anything, can/is be/being done about win8 and XTU?
  14. Needs a wrapper IMO. As is it seems like an addition to the moderator workload that doesn't really give much value.
  15. I think what that warning means is that the CPU clock speed changed during the test. Turbo mode / throttling / etc.
  16. No way to police it other than videoing the runs, and that's a major PITA.
  17. It's refreshing watching this competition, I like the rules, I like that an OC person or two is involved in setting it up. Keep up the good work! And expand it to America
  18. Grabbed some time to redo the Raspbian(or whatever it is) install in the hopes that OCing will work. If it does it's external VRM time. I'm torn between something simple like a heavily heatsinked adjustable linear regulator (it's only 3.5w stock max draw for the whole board, that's not bad linear reg wise) or going whole hog and EPowering it. The linear reg would be nice from the standpoint of starting up along with the board for proper(ish) timing, but the EPower is just so much more me. It all depends on whether the damn thing will OC. If it won't OC adding voltage isn't exactly useful. Pi was free, if it dies I'll be annoyed, but I don't use it much. Maybe I can get a sample from someone to replace it if I give 'em some press.
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