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  1. Lets be friends! :)

  2. gone but not forgot day.

  3. :(

    You even removed your hwbot account

  4. Maybe I shall prepare a fresh OS too and see if I can learn how to do this benchmark
  5. Powered by Massman This is the future of benching I am sure. How slow can we go.
  6. Thanks for the that. So by dropping your BCLK we can up the mulit but not pass the base level of the frequency. Very interesting.
  7. That is pretty darn freaky. I did not know you could even set your CPU multi to 58. Runs to bench set up and powers up the SS ....
  8. If you are not sure what you are mean to submit go look at some of the submissions already made. You can find the information that others used in the details.
  9. LOL Maxi you only need 3 seconds. My heavens I need like 10 secs. Once again outstanding benching from one of the best there is. Good efficiency Brian y.
  10. I have edited the submission for you. Once it has been recalculated it should be in the correct category. You have the option to edit, cancel as well as report.
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