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  1. Maybe I shall prepare a fresh OS too and see if I can learn how to do this benchmark
  2. Powered by Massman This is the future of benching I am sure. How slow can we go.
  3. Thanks for the that. So by dropping your BCLK we can up the mulit but not pass the base level of the frequency. Very interesting.
  4. That is pretty darn freaky. I did not know you could even set your CPU multi to 58. Runs to bench set up and powers up the SS ....
  5. If you are not sure what you are mean to submit go look at some of the submissions already made. You can find the information that others used in the details.
  6. LOL Maxi you only need 3 seconds. My heavens I need like 10 secs. Once again outstanding benching from one of the best there is. Good efficiency Brian y.
  7. I have edited the submission for you. Once it has been recalculated it should be in the correct category. You have the option to edit, cancel as well as report.
  8. I really like HWBOT because .... no one asks me if my overclock is Prime stable.
  9. Sadly it is not sufficient to provide a URL any more or even to provide a saved result. The rules have changed with respect to submitting a result. The change which was posted on the front page of the HWBOT in October of last year. This new set of rules came into effect from the 1 November 2010 which require a screen shot with all benchmarks submitted. The screen shot supplied needs to satisfy the requirements as laid out in the rules. Your screen shot does not. Now no one is suggesting your results are not valid at all. I am sure that they are. What needs to be understood is we all agree to abide by the rules when we submit a result. Therefore the screen-shot needs to be correct. It seems that your screen was not. If you find results that do not abide by the rules at that time please report them. That is how the HWBOT works. Members looking at results report results that have errors or bugs. You are more than welcome to report any result that does not supply a screen shot as long as it was submitted after the 1 November 2010 when the rule changed. Before that date the rule was different.
  10. Yip me too I had that for ages with the one CPU. Stuck on 5288MHz. Change of BIOS did help increase the frequency but only by a little. 5388MHz.
  11. Not sure how that happened. Double post.
  12. Please go have a look at the screen on the rules page. There you will see boxes in red, these boxes indicate which applications or parts of the benchmark that need to be visible. Having looked at your screenshot I can see that you have covered the settings view of the bench. That needs to be visible.
  13. So it is not over? Just on hold. edit A blonde moment - did not realise there where two Giga contests. Thought the January one was what you were talking about. :o:o
  14. Yes he is and I would not be able to manage the time it takes to bench if he was not so supportive with the girls and all the other stuff that needs to be done on a day to day basis. I only have the one card. And can not afford to buy any more. Really broke after buying the 5 CPU's I binned. So if there is anyone out there who has a spare 275 Lightning they would like to trade or sponsor then I would be up for the task. And Dinos based on testing after the contest ended I should be able to push another 2000 or 2400 points out of that set up yet. It is all a question of getting the ram and OS set up perfect.
  15. Monstru this CPU booted to OS x57 mulit on air. We have only had the SS for a day. My husband felt that if I have such a good CPU it should be protected and looked after so he bought the SS for me from one of his benching team mates. It was a big surprise when I came home on Sunday.
  16. Yes boss There is quite a bit of head room to go yet. Just needed to submit a result for the Sandyblitz contest.
  17. I am only borrowing the cup from you until you freeze your 580GTX. I am sure you will take first place back very soon Gyrock-san. I can not afford to kill my only 580GTX. So stock is the only way I can run it. Thank you.
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