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  1. Hi! Move this to Vantage - Extreme where it belongs, and you take the first place for a while...
  2. Thank you again, I wasn't so sure about the hardware category.
  3. Hi, Please, someone can verify this submission? https://hwbot.org/submission/4725094_danutzuac_3dmark_99_max_geforce_6600_le_12327_marks?recalculate=true I don't know if the GPU it is correct. I am waiting for a reply. Thank you.
  4. Sorry to break the mood, but it is a Vega 11 not Vega 3 according to the screen shoot... and the score, I presumme.
  5. Thank you! I had something better in reserve Too bad you didn't tried to beat the previous score! It would have been more fun! But thanks anyway for the challenge.
  6. With dedication to Alienhunter42. Now with 4 Cores Thank you for pushing my limits, I hope it will bring something good.
  7. Thank you der8auer for the support Alienhunter42 It is not the response I was waiting for. The challenge it's not over yet, don't give up. You need patience, determination, maybe a little help from your friends with some tweaks, and regardless of the numbers of cores, you can beat this result. You have enough time to do this. I know a lot of people who can achieve better results. I was accepting the challenge for the fun, thinking that I can beat that 7.160s, but knowing the fact that you or someone else can do better than me. Not to prove something nor to upset you. But be aware... this it is not my best result, I have better scores and I think that it is still room for improvements. I am just waiting for the proper response from you or others. I'm apologising for calling you a little kid. I was overreacting. Cheer up, and good luck!
  8. You are acting like a little boy. In the rules you did not specified such a limitation and this does not influence the score. You talk only about the frequency. I did not tested my CPU on all cores at that frequency and voltage and for the moment I can not aford to lose it for a little boy. The dismissal of my score in this manner and for the specified reason, in a single core bench makes me lose my respect for you and the interest for the challenge. If you don't like to be defeated, please stop starting chalenges or be very clear from the start about the rules and notify the others including of this one: "You may participate, but you can not defeat me" A better reaction in this situation is to search for tweaks and work harder to defeat me or any other challenger, you may use any number of cores, even 8 if you can, I don't mind in a single core bench on 3570k limited at 5100 Mhz. And keep in mind that somewhere along the way, you may encounter some one better than you eager to accept the challenge just for the fun. Frankly, I would give it a try on 4 cores, just to see what other reason for dismissal you may find after. Good luck in the future!
  9. Very nice man! I really like it. Now I have a new target! Hope that I will able to beat this.
  10. Thanks bro! I really enjoy our challenge and I await your response. Good luck!
  11. ((hours*60)+minutes)*60+seconds where seconds includes the miliseconds like 1.156 in your case. ((1*60)+60)*60+14.156=7214.156 ========
  12. This motherboard allows changing of the frequency only by modifying the multiplier. As a result, the CPU is shown as a Pentium 2 300 Mhz in CPU-Z. Therefore I included a closer picture of the CPU.
  13. That's the best solution! No more wierd tweaks, if you want a high score, work for it and if this it is not enough, buy hardware, change cooling system, as others had did in the past. In time we will clean the database by tweaked scores.
  14. knopflerbruce "piss on" it was just a figure of speech, I already apologized for it. Was intended to underline and to highlight the differences between a score with or without the tweaks and the situation in wich we put those who did not used the tweaks, despite their hardware. I admit, the words are not quite well chosen. Apologies again. You are right, it is hard to moderate, but please, look the way I see things: In this moment are some subtests wich have documented and aproved tweaks. Tomorow I will make some tests to come with examples. The simplest solution is that if a subtest is not one of those mentioned in the first page of the topic, with a reasonable boost, it can only be considered a bug or a cheating attempt. In first case the person responsable has the obligation to retake the test or voluntarely deleted, if not and it is not the first attempt... the solution is obvious. Yes, involves alot of work, questions asked, it is easy to say, harder to do. The best outcome in this story is that if you take out the points, I see no reason to buy a SSD nor a better graphic card, in which case I keep the money. der8auer Regarding the %, in my case is under 50, so I have alot to learn. Ban all tweaks, those who have used are asked polite to repeat the tests and to replace them in a reasonable period, if not, deleted automaticaly. Those who report can provide their result as comparision, along with another 2-3 relevant examples.
  15. I think that adding new tweaks that involves altering of the PCM05(its files) will result in scores no longer representative for the benchmark. This is the main reason to forbid this practice. In addition, it is not so fair for those who realy worked for their results in this benchmark, using HDDs or SSDs on raid0, iRam and extreme cooling, investing time, hard work and money for those results, becouse now, with 2 or 3 simple (yet alowed) tweaks, we boost the scores and piss on those people's harware(sorry for expression). Furthermore, we don't have to freez on temperatures below 0 nor to get tired by pouring LN2, or be under stress by other problems that comes with LN2 cooling, to match or beat those results. Equitable it is to deny the use of all tweaks (except LOD wich is well known for some time), remove the "XP startup" limit, ramdisk banned for obvious reasons, a program(wrraper) to monitor the codecs used, use of internet explorer and the type of partition in wich the HDD test are run. In case someone can't justify a big score, if it is a bug, rerun or delete and if the person keeps doing similar things, banned for life. This is the best solution. Another solution (but not so good) is to allow the tweaks allready mentionated in the first page and Flash Desktop, but nothing more. I say "not so good" becouse we force the people mentionated earlier to start all over again. But on the other hand we don't have to delete the submitted scores
  16. It can be moderated. When something looks fishy... first are asked questions, if answer do not satisfy...BAN. Simple like this. Keep it simple, are enough tweeks alowed to boost the score. A little respect for those who had made efforts to achiev good results, spending money for good scores in HDD tests or for very good cooling for keeping the system at high frequency. I don't like the idea of throwing all that work to the garbage just because some people can't stand the idea to stay in line and tend to pass in front by any means. For those who consider themselves good tweekers, it's the posibility to make submissions without competing, explaining the procedure, and if it is considered legal, they can simply to uncheck an option. Is It something wrong with the way in which I see things?
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