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  1. I ran the latest version of XTU on my 8700K. Everything is at stock clocks and all AUTO settings in the bios and memory is at 2133mhz default. I got the following scores, which I doubt are accurate. Either there is still a bug in XTU or the latest version is miscalculating the score on the new 8th gen cpus. Just thought i'd report this and see if anyone else is getting similar results. I have run the benchmark over and over and the score is always around 2376 to 2411. If it is a bug does that mean that all the 8700K results posted are not accurate either ?
  2. I don't know where you are seeing this rule, as I have checked the rules listed in each stage and it does not mention anything at all about only Z270 boards can be used. All it says in every rule listing is that a Gigabyte or Aorus desktop system must be used. It does not specify Z270 anywhere.
  3. Where does it say that Z170 boards cannot be used, as I can't see that written in the rules page of the comp ?
  4. Well can my score please be restored, because there is nothing in the competition rules as to what has to be in your bench photo and my one showed my Gigabyte Z170 board, so I don't see any problem with that. Looking at other photos, there are some that just have a pic of a cpu heatsink and you can barely see the board, so how is that any better.
  5. Why has my score from Stage 1 been removed, when there was nothing wrong with the submission and losing 42 points for no reason ?
  6. For Stage 1 XTU, is submitting two scores with two different cpus by the same user, count as 2 out of 3 top scores, when calculating the points ? Or do the top 3 scores for that Stage by a team, have to be by 3 different Rookie or Novice users in that team ?
  7. LN2 boards are not allowed in the comp, is that correct ? Because I have noticed LN2 boards being used, wouldn't that affect how the points are allocated ?
  8. I would just like to know if 1520 is actually possible? Because if it is not, then is it fair that it is being used as a target score, if nobody can then achieve it? As that would mean that no one has a chance to get the top points for the stage, other than the person who already has the next closest score, due to the target score being unattainable.
  9. No definitely not trying to do that at all. No degredation happening, as it only hit that temp for not even half a second, thanks to slow mode and I only did one pass of XTU for that score. Just wanted to see what max overclock it would do without delidding. Used slow mode to do that safely. Will now delid and hopefully it will overclock to 5.5-5.6ghz and/or run 5.4ghz with less voltage and a lot cooler.
  10. My cooling is a custom water loop. 50/45/3600 - 1.21v Cinebench R15 - PASS - Not Delidded http://cdn.overclock.net/b/bd/bdf1380e_Screenshot25.png
  11. Your RTL's and IOL's have been trained badly and need to be retrained. Set your RTL's and IOL's to AUTO and then change the timings that I have written in red on the screenshot and leave the other timings to what you already have them set at and reboot and it should train up perfectly. Be sure to also leave Write to Read Delay in your secondaries - tWTR_L and tWTR_S as AUTO. Your RTL/IOL's should train up to either 49-50-7-4 or 49-50-6-4. Then run XTU and see what score you get.
  12. i7-7700K - Not delidded Mobo - Asrock Z170M OC Formula Mem - G.Skill 2x 8GB 3600C16 at XMP settings Batch No - L639F976. 52/49/3600 - 1.32v Cinebench R15 - PASS http://cdn.overclock.net/6/69/69d0f679_Screenshot20.png 53/49/3600 - 1.38v Cinebench R15 - PASS http://cdn.overclock.net/9/90/90fdcf02_Screenshot24.png
  13. You are running the same primaries as I am, but it is your secondaries, tertiaries and RTL's and IOL's that are not the same as mine and that is what makes all the difference in XTU. I cannot see your RTL's and IOL's in your screenshot. The Asrock Timing Configurator shows everything on the one screen, which is why I suggested if you could post a screenshot with it. Without seeing a list of your services that are running, it is hard to tell how much you have streamlined Windows, but from comparing your score to mine and that fact that you are at 4.9ghz and I'm at 4.8ghz and you are 64 points behind, does indicate that you are not running as efficiently as possible.
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