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  1. @Aurosonic Do you have slow restart and slow wake from sleep with A2?
  2. Seams this issue is due to the high speed A1 ram. I dialed back the frequency and no more slow restart or long wakeups. Will trie on A2 when i have some spare time.
  3. You're back or you just found an old score which you forgot to post?
  4. So where is XTU heading? The hw points will be removed too? I was thinking of benching the 7xxx no K chips.... but want to know if there is any point ...
  5. It is off Does anyone knows what trace centering does? With it disabled i don't have stability running 4133 12.11.11, with it enabled it's ok.
  6. Taichi? I have apex 11 @websmile from your experince what would be the average mv needed to drop 1 latency? I mean going from 4400 19-19-19 to 4400 18-18-18 what shoud i expect in voltage raise? I know it depends from kit to kit from your test you should have an average.
  7. 1.3/1.35 would yous say it's safa for daily with cpu on water?
  8. I tried stripping win 10 to the bone ..... till i broke it. I can't run anymore : run, powershell, gpedit, regedit, msconfig .... probably anything related to system32. Any ideea how to make run or gpedit work again ?
  9. you can't beat the aio at 20 bucks
  10. Thanks a lot. Win 10 really sux..
  11. On m11a i have only usb 3.1 gen 1 and gen2. I have the legacy support enabled. What do you mean by lower ? Usb 3.1 gen 1 or the usb 2.0 connector from the bottom pf the board?
  12. Does anyone made usb keybord and mouse work in win7 on maximus 11 boardas?