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  1. Finally, i figured it out. It wasn't bios or board that limited my ram, it was cooling. My ram doesn't like room temps above 21C. With 21C and a delta on them, voila :
  2. Anybody tested bios 1005 on apex? It seams to perform worse on my a1 kit.
  3. 103 bclk seams that farfetched to you? I used 103 on crappy non k skylake cpus and on 8400 and 8700k. I thought it was resonable to asssume that 9900k would have no problem with 103.
  4. Looking for ab good a2 kit that can do 4266 12.11.11 1t GB 3 on air and on apex 11.
  5. Got some issues... got error vcruntime140.dll missing.... somehow i mannaged to run gpupi but after restart i could not boot anymore... disk error. i forced a repair on win7 now i can boot but i get biocredprov.dll error + vcruntime140...
  6. Any hope for a mod to run 6th and 7th gen cpu on maximus 11? For those of us who can't afford to keep multiple platforms?
  7. So 50+ hours of reruns ... gone with just a new version...
  8. Win 64 or 32? That rly sucks that a new version scores better.... that means that all current non k scores will fall
  9. Seams 743 is no longer top score. Maybe the new scorrers can share how they succeded? @D@R3 @ksateaaa23
  10. Wrong score man for ranking, for Gskill OC 2019 you should disable ranking
  11. And i thought you need to score to all stages to qualify for the lucky draw... lol me... congrats dabestarrr
  12. i know, but it scores lot better... What it the tightest latency that can be run without maxmem?
  13. Great that i can use my cpu, now i only have to find GPU
  14. Yes same behavior in win 10.... with cpu @ 5300 and no maxmem i score 19+. With maxmem and 4133c12 i score rarely over 18 The biggest issu is when using overkill mode... with maxmem
  15. Win7 . The one shared by websmile. But the problem is only at 4k.
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