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  1. If i can bench 4133 12.11 on a 9900k with 2 cores enabled, but with 8 cores ram is not stable anymore, does this mean that ram is good but IMC is weak on ambient?
  2. miker2ka

    Gskill 4800C18

    Last two screens are with ryzen 3000
  3. After big struggle i managed to boot 4666 and run gb3 @ 4740... 4700 bot is no go.
  4. Well, on air kit doesn't boot XMP, but with CPU at subzero it boots..... so it's an IMC issue i suppose .
  5. Atm i can't boot 4666c14 ... CPU on water, room temp 25C, CPU idle around 33C @Dancop btw, on what bios version is your apex bios based on?
  6. Looking for a good cpu on ambient with strong IMC (4800+ C14)
  7. Hope i have time in weekend to bench the above card. It's my first lighting edition so before i start i wanted to know if i need any "special" bios and/or a specific After Burner. Ty
  8. 5500@1.39 he mentioned in the post. If i recall well there were 29C in room when he tested that cpu
  9. Never tried less than 1.5 sa. Went up to 1.6. And i.m talking here about xmp 4800c18 not c14. Either you are lucky or me beeing retarded 😀
  10. I"m curios how rare are the CPUs that can boot 4800 on ambient. I have a feeling that they are much more rare that ram. I tested on 2 binned 9900k and none could do 4700c18 with ht enabled, even if the best one could go to 5000 in single channel.
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