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  1. Can anyone who has Apex XI tell us the VRM configuration ?
  2. This means that HT is not working for now, but i'm sure it will work soon.
  3. So the 020 bios for h2o works just like 1003 bios except you dont have to use ln2 switch when pushing ram?
  4. miker2ka

    Recalculate points and achievements problem

    Shouldn't everyone with max score get 40.3 points?
  5. miker2ka

    [FS+EU] Asrock Z170M_OC_FORMULA + 6700K + RAM

    200E seamns fair for MB, no ideea about CPU, depends how good it is.
  6. Well done. Any idea if apex works for 6700 too?
  7. How long does it take to migrate points after changing league? I've been moved to enthusiast for 12 hours now and still no points.
  8. miker2ka

    Ilpingu - Core i3 6320 @ 4020MHz - 743 marks XTU

    congrats... hope more will join this club to make it 49.9 points