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  1. There is not much scaling from 3600 to 3800 so I will not wast LN2 on it I can try next time I have it on the cascade for testing timings but I can't do high clocks because of the load maybe 4.8 to 4.9GHz
  2. Not sure I think it has something too do with memory management. Because all benchmarks that are depend on memory score low on windows 7 but Wprime and gpupi score is fine wprime is a bit faster in windows 7
  3. It will do 2GHz but then I have CB at -160 this way I don't have CB or CBB
  4. No sadly it does not scale with cores best result was 1.5xxs but I didn't save it🤡
  5. I thing I have one at home I will tjek today If you don't hear for me sent some PM's
  6. zzolio

    Computex 2016

    i thik you got the days wrong I am an International visitor as well an I have access all days
  7. I have a spare mem pot I can bring if I have space
  8. 1) Going 2) Tour event and freestyle benching? 3) Plane
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