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  1. Hi I am looking for DDR2 RAM, which are able to run 600MHz or more with CL4 at 2,5V. 4 Sticks with 1GB would be best. Payment via PayPal. Shipment to Germany
  2. Could you please change my nickname to cellmate
  3. Should have thought of mentioning this. Yes this Laptop had a 32bit installation. we do not ussually do this but the customer wanted his old Laptop upgradet. 32bit should be obsolet by next year anyway. I don´t think anybody will miss it
  4. Sorry I can't recheck. Was a customer Laptop at the shop I work. The Laptop is already back at the customer. I'll have an open eye if it happens again with other hardware.
  5. Just recognized after uploading the score, that there is something wrong. https://hwbot.org/submission/4699950_sir_nobs_of_rone_ii._7_zip_core_2_duo_p8400_22238081_mips?recalculate=true
  6. Thanks. Just wanted to upload the gpu Z screenshot. thanks for adding
  7. Please add AMD mobile Radeon R3 (Stoney Ridge) http://valid.x86.fr/ziu3db Thanks
  8. Please delete this score https://hwbot.org/submission/4528164_sir_nobs_of_rone_ii._hwbot_prime_core_i3_8145u_7277027_pps?recalculate=true Would be nice to have a world record with a Laptop.
  9. I have testet some Programms. I found that HWinfo works best for taking screenshots. Aida takes to much space. I have a sample. Tell me if this is ok. I have another Laptop with the same issue. both are togehther about 70 Scores and about 350 Points worth, so it would matter to me.
  10. I have a Question, before adding About 30 scores. I have a HP Laptop with an i3 8145U and 16GB dual channel RAM. The Problem is cpuz only Posts that there are 16GB RAM but does not show the Timings. Would that be an invalid score? and if yes, is there an oppertunity to solve this Problem. Already tried single channel and different cpuz versions. I mean can I run an other Programm to list the Timings? Or is it even necessary to be valid?
  11. Thanks a lot The submission is a little buggy but could you please add this igpu? Intel HD Graphics apollo lake It is from an Intel N3350 https://www.techpowerup.com/gpuz/details/ke46g
  12. There seems to be a Problem with AMD RX Vega 8 mobile results. There are two different igpu. One is a raven ridge, the other a Picasso. https://hwbot.org/hardware/videocard/radeon_rx_vega_8_mobile/ For the Picasso igpu there is no possibility to upload it in a different thread. The raven ridge thread is totally mixed.
  13. I have no Anti-virus installed. Closed Defender and Firewall, but didn t help. Maybe it is the Laptop. It's a very cheap system, had the same problem with a similar cheap one. Didn t even have the opertunity to turn on hpet in the bios for other benchmarks.
  14. I ll close defender and the firewall, maybe that helps
  15. Yes its connect via wifi. Windows 10 1909 is running. Fully updated
  16. No it says it is going to connect to the server and then the error comes. It is just a bit before the first screen of yours.
  17. Hi I have a problem with the gfxbench. After installation and opening the benchmark it has an error saying I have to log in and use my password. Network error. I allready have had the problem on two different systems and don t know how to solve this. Am thankful for any solutions.
  18. Ok I ll try that. Thanks for the answer.
  19. Thats not my Problem. I like to bench all Benchmarks. The Problem is the result browser
  20. Hi I started benching 3DMark 2000 but cannot find the result browser anywhere. Rules say result browser must be open but my System says it cannot find it in the Installation. Where can I download it?
  21. Please add AMD E2 9000e http://valid.x86.fr/9j3jym (not my score) thanks
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