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  1. You can get thermspy from the link https://www.reddit.com/r/overclocking/wiki/gpu/nvidia/pascal the link it is in the bottom part of the side link is called thermspy
  2. I dont neat one and if i dit unityofsaints shout start by fixing/removing his own subs first
  3. the -41c was the liquid temp in the res and the -42 was the return from the chiller and the -31c was just a prop inside the res that was not submerged but is meat to be on the retund from the water block but had gotten loose. I am using 96% ethanol as liquid so there is no chance of it freezing and damaging the chiller.
  4. Hi I cant summit from the website it says "No client version given, required version: 2.1.0" but it works when I submit from the benchmark and I am running 2.1.0.
  5. Afrom1

    Kingpin Cooling

    Price for shipping of TEK-9 FAT to Denmark?
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