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  1. SS is with Danfoss NL11F. This was also my thinking .. to add small suction acummulator. Are you sure about suction line? There had to be vacuum so oil should not be an issue or no ?. Or there will be vacuum only if proper pipe is used as you reccomended ? Can you please enlight me where is the end of suction line is to to the soft connection or is all up to evaporator ? Because if its theevaporator our is longer than 1meter. I will post some pics later. p.p lot Q form the noobs
  2. Any one know how to calculate oil quantity for our sistems if it carry 200 grams refrigerant? What will happen if we increase diameter and/or lenght of suction pipe in order to simulate suction accumulators with ambient temps ?
  3. wow thats crazy! Iam not sure if the time is enuf for me only to asemble setups for all stages with my currently available hardware
  4. Why Xeon X5650 cores are marked Gulftown, as far as i know only Xeon with Gulftown cores is X5690 or my bad ?
  5. Any idea how to check if we over filled system? The system I.nfraR.ed talk about have only one port and we refiled trough it with liquid refrigerant R507. SS was on low heat load on the head. Unfortunately it perform worst as before refill and temps are higher (+). Edit: Will post some pics later, i hope they will help.
  6. First depends of used tweaks and then board. Performance of different boards with same chipset is not equal with same OS here. Got shortage of time to fully tweak this one, maybe next time
  7. D0 are 2001 atleast the one i have is 2001 but B2 is 2000 WooooW thats far away from sport and competition! Whats the point extend competition with one month then? Its competition not petition where people sign. p.s. This killing all my will to bench ...
  8. 10x mate, i am not 100% sure because bench was soo long and i forgot. Will try to remember and will post asap
  9. Nope its in wrong order now Edit: Current leader : http://hwbot.org/submission/2752184 Or he is D0 stepping and is more recent (2001)?
  10. LoL , You cant change things after event is finished, you must do it in advance! For example i had to take few days off work and to buy some HW i dont need now to finish at top overal in time ........ tc tc bad mat, bad
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