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  1. Seal2fast

    1080ti KP xoc bios

    thank you
  2. Seal2fast

    1080ti KP xoc bios

    hi all im looking for an xoc bios for the 1080ti kingpin. I have already tried Dev.com the LN2 link is broken. Cheers
  3. Seal2fast

    Bricked Evbot

    All sorted NVM
  4. Seal2fast

    Bricked Evbot

    In the middle of an evbot flash using 1080to kp I lost power, now its bricked. the screen I black any ideas how to force flash anyone? Cheers
  5. Seal2fast

    Wtb beast cpu pot

    Looking to buy beast cpu pot
  6. Seal2fast

    LN2 pot: der8auer ECC BEAST

    wtb LN2 pot: der8auer ECC BEAST
  7. Seal2fast

    Wtb i7 6700k

    Look for a 6700k to buy asap
  8. Seal2fast

    UK Bench Meet #4 MKII

    I carnt wait to meet all you guys had learn some stuff
  9. Hi Sir k|ngp|n


    is it possible for a copy of the ln2 bios and classified voltage software for os for the 780ti kingpin gpu please?



  10. Seal2fast

    WTB Hof or kingpin gpus

    Looking hof or kingpin gpus 780ti 980ti 1060. willing to pay shipping for import
  11. Seal2fast

    wanted 780ti kingpin

    hi looking for 780ti kingpin and evebot. please pm me
  12. PM me please I'm willing to pay euro shipment
  13. Seal2fast

    wtb galaxy gt 610 or similar

    pm me please
  14. how much you want for it?

  15. looking for gigabyte champ oc or rampage v extreme and a 790ti kingpin. please pm me