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  1. @unityofsaints Found a core PLL offset under "overclocking performance menu" in the bios, it's a hidden menu by default, but theoretically should be unlockable, that menu is basically in every modern intel based mobo. Guess it's some kind of menu imposed by intel, i'm not sure if those plls would even work but might be worth a shot
  2. Thanks a lot for sharing the tools and the informations Stavros :)
  3. Hi Leeg, can't we change nick on both forum and main site? Edit: nevermind my bad, already changed on main, thanks for that
  4. Hi, could you please change my nick to Cancerogeno? Thanks
  5. Hi guys, sorry for asking but does someone have a backup link for apex 0018? I'd like to give it a shot if possible 😄 Thanks
  6. Hey thanks didn't noticed right away, was posted with gpupi automatic posting feature
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