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  1. If payment bounces, feel free to DM me.
  2. Sounds good, sadly still out of budget for me at this moment. When is the GOC final? Perhaps it's an idea to sell the other one after the cup? (if you would be willing to part with that one)
  3. Oeh would want one for my new rig start of 2019. Is this the version including waterblock ? Furthermore what would price be in euros?
  4. Any more details on that 8086k for daily usage? What volts for daily usage in XTU/prime95 1344k/1344k perhaps?
  5. Apprecciate the write out. Apart from the paste (liquid metal instead of standard tim), sanding on the inside of the IHS and the shorter cure time that is pretty much my procedure. (usually 3 hours for LGA1151 and letting it dry overnight for LGA2066) Isn't the first delid either my guess would be this is the 15th or something for LGA2066 and the only guy that had wierd temps was pumping 1,35Vcore through an 18 core paired with an AIO (Usually 15-20 degrees drop is what they reach easy compared to pre-delid) For reference the other delid with this copper IHS on a 7920X did about 65 degrees tops in prime with +- 1,3Vcore in a normal sized custom loop. (1x360 iirc) So yeah currently most parts have been checked and double checked. Hopefully we can get a nice imprint of the die itself to check if the shape is that much off the standard. Hell at this point it may just be a faulty tube of conductonaut considering i'm running out of other ideas of what it could be. Wel it seems an update is in order.: After testing by rsnubje under the custom loop temps were actually good/okay 😮 (Based on 5x R15 loop, picture in OP was just a single run) Pre-delid 4,7Ghz 1,25Vcore : After delid 4,7Ghz 1,25Vcore: Hell it can even do 4,8 on 1,3Vcore now :
  6. Yeah obviously something is wrong with it. Million dollar question is what exactly is the issue. Temps are shit with both original IHS and full copper one.
  7. Current screen is from improvised test on a X61 max rpm/max pump speed at +- 25 ambient. For that screen R15 was run at 1,2Vcore. Tommorow it will be back at rsnubje where a custom loop with a 480 rad in push/pull will be used.
  8. Aftermarket IHS is actually the better one temp wise. Atleast with that one it is able to run at the volts/clocks. Ironicly the other 2 chips I fitted with the same IHS ran allot cooler so naturally I was checking this IHS if it were perhaps a production fluke. So far seems like that isn't the case. Stock IHS+ liquid metal and stock IHS + MX2 (only stuff I had laying around here) both resultated in pre-emptive shutdowns due to temperatures being past 100C mid way in R15 with the same cooling setup. From the start pcb and IHS were both completely cleaned since without oldkit the best temps are achieved (naturally reseal with minimal kit to fixate it not raise it)
  9. The big question is though , is/was your chip also an ES or is it a retail sample? Also checking in here since i'm the delid guy in question here. No abnormalities on the pcb/die and coverage/contact with the die/IHS was spot on. So yeah been driving me crazy this week annoying chip this be Only other thing that came to mind would be lapping the die a little but even for me that seems excessive and truly a last resort + owner of cpu must deem it neccesary.
  10. So any ETA on those ambient details? Combo of Cinebench/XTU benchmark and prime95 1344k/1344k should help to show what to chips can do 24/7 as daily drivers
  11. Yeah was wondering that. Got a Apex X here and a X61 for testing purposes and even liquid metal/copper IHS if need be. Fair enough is also understandable. Would you consider a 475 offer including EU shipping? Might actually be in need of a good watercooling cpu for a specific demostration.
  12. Any details on what cooler was used and room temperature? Also did any attempts at 5,4Ghz?
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