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  1. 3x2GB Patriot Sector 5 2500C9. Asking 50 Euros + shippingBased on PSC X-series. Two best sticks can do 32M at 1333 8-12-8 with 1.92V. i take this one you got pm
  2. hi can you send me you mb's bios file, many thanks
  3. lanpartyut

    Besi Cpu Pot

    test under cold? to make sure the ic just test it or put off the heartslink
  4. lanpartyut

    Besi Cpu Pot

    trident also random with sn 06XX some kits use bbse and another use elpdia oem e die
  5. lanpartyut

    Besi Cpu Pot

    you can have a try 2133 9-11-9 seemd most like psc
  6. lanpartyut

    Besi Cpu Pot

    Kingston HyperX 2133 9-9-9 should be bdbg chips you can test them then Make it easier for them to sell
  7. i think on Llano platform elpdia hypers maybe run better,but don not have a test platform
  8. just run 3419 14-15-15 yesterday ,sa+0.3 ioa+0.25 iod+0.3 when I add some bclk then want to go 3500mhz ,cannot boot, even sa+0.35V,maybe my cpu imc limited that will test on another MB to Confirm if imc is restricted this weekend
  9. i know System Agent (VCCSA) voltage: 1.15 V to 1.25 V is good ,and what is the safe voltage of them when overcolck on alr
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