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  1. lanpartyut

    Samsung DDR3 G-die

    good job
  2. lanpartyut

    P55A-UD7 & DDR3 PSC & Besi CPU Pot

    i will take x58a-oc,you got pm
  3. lanpartyut

    [WTB] [EU] Decent Micron Fatbody Kit

    I have too kits But shipping from China is too expensive
  4. lanpartyut

    [WTB] KST 2333C9 BDBG

    got one already Post colse
  5. To find this stuff for a long time, If anyone would like to Sell them to me, please contact me. Thanks
  6. lanpartyut

    (FS)Impact VI/ 1150 cpus/ DDR3

    i will take 8. 2x2GB G.Skill RipjawsX DDR3-2200 C9-9-9-27 (BBSE) you got pm
  7. lanpartyut

    [FS] EVC, G.skill Pi 2300 !

  8. lanpartyut

    (SOLD) DDR3 - 3000c12 XMP ~ Rare CCFL Lighting

    i will take this kits you got pm
  9. lanpartyut

    [WTB] KST 2333C9 BDBG

    I'm looking for khx2333c9 bdbg 2gx2 or 2gX3 Please give me your price shipped to china。 Thanks !
  10. lanpartyut

    A lot of stuff,take a look

  11. lanpartyut

    A lot of stuff,take a look

    can you ship to china? i will take thse: 1. Pi 2300 cl 8 -100 E 2. Ripjawz 2200 cl9 BBSE -90 E
  12. lanpartyut

    100+ sticks of Micron D9GMH

    you got pm i will take these: 2x1GB Compustocx (CSX) Diablo 9200. 2x1GB Cellshock 8000 2x1GB Kingston HyperX 9600 2x1GB TeamXtreem 8500 2x1GB Corsair Dominator 9136C5