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  1. I do love the way you put the little volt meters and LED displays on the card, really nice and compact way to attach them.
  2. Yeah just report it, the admins will take care of it
  3. I got this is on an 8800 GTS too, but this GeForce 9800 GX2 is also doing it, even at at stock speeds. Not sure what's doing it though. The scenes I guess you could call them, are this coloured stripes, an off grey screen, a bright white blank screen and then a black screen before back to this coloured one. Is this just aqua mark being weird or a fault with the HWBot version?
  4. Running out of LN2 on a GTX 480? Yeah sounds about right ahaha, I remember those things, furnaces.
  5. Nice, but no one else has benched this before, what the hell?
  6. Test of the first Tezzius Aluice prototype, so far so good hehe!
  7. Well I think it's apparent the IMC is fixed and kicking ass
  8. Nice score, you should get a cascade phase change unit if you wanna do a lot of benching at around dry ice temps, while cascade units typically cost about $1000 for each stage, they're well worth it as they're much more versatile.
  9. dice vs LN2 now? Nice score though, hope you enjoyed messing around with dice