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  1. clock speed jumped around a fair bit, between 4.1GHz for a moment at the start to 3.5-3.7HGz on average
  2. Hello. (TD:DR at bottom) If anyone is interested I might have one or two spare 50mmx32mm phase change evaporator heads (see pictures of model below) available in a month or so. These are designed to be the middle of the road between cheap and expensive heads. I currently have not built these but will be soon and it looks like there are a few that are currently unspoken for and I couldn't find anyone else who might want to buy them. The material is copper, but not any especially nice grade (not C101, C109 or C110) as these are not meant to be very high end evaps. They use concentric ringed channels and an acid etched anti-glide surface to ensure the liquid refrigerent vapourises and cools the evaporator head without just returning to the suction line. Due to the long path inside this evaporate and the somewhat tight channels (2.3mm) it likely has a somewhat high pressure delta so might need a larger compressor, as of right now they're an untested design and the design was mostly driven my Mythicals looking for ecomonical evaporators. I don't have a recommendation for compressor size as of right now or an exact load carry capability but it was intended to be able to handle up to about 350 watts of heat load assuming a good compressor and suitable refrigerent for the desired temperature. In theory it can handle up to 500 watts but until they're tested I simply don't know. The evaporator will feature fully TIG welded construction (I only have low melting point silicon bronze brazing rods so the thing would fall apart the second it gets near the temperature for brazing if I brazed it) with the capillary tube and suction line mating tubes also welded to the top cap, which gets welded to the main body, likely I'll use de-oxygenated copper rods, but I also have silicon bronze for welding too I could use, it's not like brazing silicon bronze as it's designed for use with a TIG torch. I might be also able to nickel plate them if I have time and there is interest that. If there are any questions about the physical construction you can ask away and if there are any special requests before they're made i might be able to change it before they're made. I do plan in the future to offer them with threaded connectors for people who prefer flexible suction line. In the future smaller 35mm ones will be available as well as a larger 60mm C110 one. They'll be around €125 shipped within EU with 3D printed mounting plates (ASA, black), stainless M4 rods and assorted thumb nuts, nuts and washers. Price depends on when they're made and if things like nickel plating are performed. Payment will only be accepted when the heads are ready to ship. In thoery I should have enough copper to make 5 and 3 are reserved so there should be 2 available but I might screw one up so better to say 1, maybe 2 available TL:DR: I'm making some 50.8mm phase change evaporator soon and might have 1 or 2 left over, they'll be for sale, if you maybe want one leave a comment on the post. Images of 3D models below
  3. Hi, it was mostly the DFI board I'm looking for (I have an ABIT Fatal1ty AN8 SLI) and wanted to get a DFI board to see which is better, but the RAM alone sounds good, It's getting very hard to find good DDR these days. Would you ship to Ireland?
  4. Hi, do you still have the two Socket 939 boards? If so I'd be interested in them?
  5. If you already have a pot but it lacks mounting for a given socket, no need to buy a new pot hehe, just have someone make a new mounting plate. All of my pots have detachable holddowns, I really don't like ones that are part of the pot.
  6. Hi, Not sure if I'll have time to make it now, getting the parts in before my exam would be a challenge but otherwise yes it'd fit socket A fine. As you can it's the perfect size for socket A, that might have been intentional on the side of the designer as I only adapted the design to have more mass.
  7. Ok, so I have a rough idea of prices now, basic price for the pot would be €65 plus shipping. Pots are a little heavy though so depending where in the world you are, it could be around as much as €41, which is regrettable, however if I could keep the package to 2KG or under it'd only be €22, a tough job on a pot that's already pushing possibly up to 1.7KG. I included a drawing of the pot design.
  8. Hello folks, thanks to having access for a month to some Lathes and Mills (Colchester Triumph VS 2500 and Ajax AJT4) at no cost (so basically the only cost is metal and VAT for it and shipping) I can make some LN2 pots from C101 copper (HDHC, an alloy with very good thermal conductance). The pots would be an adaption of a design by Pkkshadow. Diameter would be 63.5mm, with a height of 60mm, made from solid copper with some slots cut in for surface area. The contact area would be around 45mmx45mm, and the pot would have a 100mm-120mm aluminium extension on top. The hold down for the top would pretty basic and have holes for Intel LGA 775, LGA 115x, LGA 1366/LGA2011/LGA 2066 and AMD AM2/AM3/FM1/AM1/FM2/AM4 support. Any more sockets and I'd be spending a very long time setting up the slotting. I'm not 100% sure of the cost as of right now, since shipping to different areas varies and I don't have a solid estimate for weight, but it would be be between €75-€90. If anyone has any questions or interest please let me know on this post so I can see how much copper and aluminium I'd need.
  9. Is this really any different to buying a pot, a dewar, some flasks, current high end/high end for the gen hardware and then buying LN2, you're still basically paying money for it but in a more direct way.... Overclocking largely is pay to win at the high end.
  10. Following careful measurements of a TITAN V die, it seems the blocks coldplate wouldn't 100% fully fit and so I have made the bracket smaller for compatibility with more boards and systems and the tangs are quite long. The new mounting sizes are a max of 66mm x 66mm, which is more than enough for VEGA/Fiji.
  11. Hello Folks, A friend asked me to looking a custom EK universal VGA block mount for the RX VEGA and R9 FURY line as they use larger 64mmx64mm mounts. Since this is a large size, I decided to go as far as making the mounts up to in theory 72mm, for possible Titan V support and even LGA775(???). Thing is the die on the Titan V is quite large so it might not 100% fit, I can't fully guarantee that it works even if the mounting holes line up. This bracket is also quite large, it could also foul on parts of the PCB like chokes and such, so usage could be hard. It also includes the smaller sizes for the diagonal mount that the EK HD 6770 mount has, so you wouldn't need to change the bracket as often in theory, though smaller cards are more likely to foul. I'm asking here to get an idea if more than a few people might want one as getting this made would be expensive, even if it's just a simple job on something like a water jet, small volume stuff is not generally cheap. As it stands I'm planning to make 3 which mostly have been called dibs on. Should also work on the GTX 480/GTX 580 as I think they also have a larger than normal mounting hole layout. Please feel free to ask any questions. In terms of cost, I'd love to say they're only €5 like the EK ones, but chances are, depending on volume, they could be like €100 each if only a few are made, but could come down a lot to around €20 is a larger volume are made, though as mentioned, this seems to me to be a niche product. The material they'll be made from is a low grade of stainless steel likely.
  12. Core clock is measured in MHz here lol, so it's 5100MHz not 5.1GHz, that gave me a chuckle.
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