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  1. Is this really any different to buying a pot, a dewar, some flasks, current high end/high end for the gen hardware and then buying LN2, you're still basically paying money for it but in a more direct way.... Overclocking largely is pay to win at the high end.
  2. Following careful measurements of a TITAN V die, it seems the blocks coldplate wouldn't 100% fully fit and so I have made the bracket smaller for compatibility with more boards and systems and the tangs are quite long. The new mounting sizes are a max of 66mm x 66mm, which is more than enough for VEGA/Fiji.
  3. Hello Folks, A friend asked me to looking a custom EK universal VGA block mount for the RX VEGA and R9 FURY line as they use larger 64mmx64mm mounts. Since this is a large size, I decided to go as far as making the mounts up to in theory 72mm, for possible Titan V support and even LGA775(???). Thing is the die on the Titan V is quite large so it might not 100% fit, I can't fully guarantee that it works even if the mounting holes line up. This bracket is also quite large, it could also foul on parts of the PCB like chokes and such, so usage could be hard. It also includes the smaller sizes for the diagonal mount that the EK HD 6770 mount has, so you wouldn't need to change the bracket as often in theory, though smaller cards are more likely to foul. I'm asking here to get an idea if more than a few people might want one as getting this made would be expensive, even if it's just a simple job on something like a water jet, small volume stuff is not generally cheap. As it stands I'm planning to make 3 which mostly have been called dibs on. Should also work on the GTX 480/GTX 580 as I think they also have a larger than normal mounting hole layout. Please feel free to ask any questions. In terms of cost, I'd love to say they're only €5 like the EK ones, but chances are, depending on volume, they could be like €100 each if only a few are made, but could come down a lot to around €20 is a larger volume are made, though as mentioned, this seems to me to be a niche product. The material they'll be made from is a low grade of stainless steel likely.
  4. Core clock is measured in MHz here lol, so it's 5100MHz not 5.1GHz, that gave me a chuckle.
  5. LordNicoll

    Xeon S771 CPUs allowed in DDR2 for stage 7 & 8

    I would agree to only keep it for the 3D stages, see you can use an AM3+ board for an AM3 CPU for the DDR3 stage because it's the CPU that's AM3 not really the board, so LGA 771 converted to work on LGA 775, is still LGA 771.
  6. LordNicoll

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Oh wait, I do have one of those in another machine, thanks for reminding me.
  7. LordNicoll

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Um, idk where to find €5 GPU's, that seems insanely cheap. I could get a scam ebay GPU and get refunded I guess
  8. LordNicoll

    Official HWBOT TEAM CUP 2018 Thread

    Does this include the GPU for display out, I mainly just use single slot cards for that and at the moment all I have is a Firepro V5900 in my box of "stuff that actually works"
  9. I do love the way you put the little volt meters and LED displays on the card, really nice and compact way to attach them.
  10. Yeah just report it, the admins will take care of it
  11. I got this is on an 8800 GTS too, but this GeForce 9800 GX2 is also doing it, even at at stock speeds. Not sure what's doing it though. The scenes I guess you could call them, are this coloured stripes, an off grey screen, a bright white blank screen and then a black screen before back to this coloured one. Is this just aqua mark being weird or a fault with the HWBot version?
  12. Running out of LN2 on a GTX 480? Yeah sounds about right ahaha, I remember those things, furnaces.