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  1. Then I won't retire yet. There are some more s1155 CPU-s left to test it.
  2. Trying to submit PYPrime 2b file. CPU is 2600k, 2 cores 4 threads. What I am doing wrong? Should HT be disabled? Or I can not use 4 core CPU with 2 core disabled? your submission is incorrect * USE 2 PROCESSOR CORE(S) IN TOTAL. - YOUR SUBMISSION DOES NOT COMPLY TO THIS RULE
  3. I have been overclocking only 2 times on my balcony. Am I still in-house bencher? ­čÖâ ­čść
  4. Model Modecom FreeTAB 7001 HD IC http://valid.canardpc.com/a/tr0yv3
  5. hehe GENiEBEN just droping a hidden codes in our computers, so then he can remotely overclock our PC-s and collect HWBoints
  6. No. First one was 3 months ago, and between 2. and 3. run was another with diferent score (410323)
  7. Here we go again. Last night I played with Aquamark, and i got some interesting results. Yes, I got 3 times the same results. GENiEBEN, how you explain this? 1. GFX=83479 - CPU=38764 - final score= 406162 2. GFX=84289 - CPU=39170 - final score= 406162 3. GFX=84244 - CPU=39176 - final score= 406162 If you need, I have .hwbot files for upload.
  8. @GENiEBEN I have 2 more question: Does integrated card (if has properly installed driver) affect on aquamark score? Second one is about how AQ calculate final score. GFX + CPU score. Look at these two SS: http://img.hwbot.org/u25693/image_id_1143825.png http://img.hwbot.org/u15712/image_id_1063741.png 1. GFX=83479 - CPU=38764 - final score= 406162 2. GFX=84349 - CPU=39052 - final score= 405530 Lower GFX score and lower CPU score gives higher final AQ score. How it is possible?
  9. It's about the second question you notice. Is that wrapper BUG or just wrong detection of hardware?
  10. Yes, something is wrong with wrapper. Here we go again: http://hwbot.org/benchmark/aquamark/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2114#start=0#interval=20 http://hwbot.org/submission/2535467_pipejarcore_aquamark_radeon_r9_270x_437453_marks
  11. You don't have GPU-z tab. Why your Aquamark wrapper shows 2 R9 270X cards?
  12. Is this AQWrapper BUG or something else? http://hwbot.org/submission/2517875_pipejarcore_aquamark_radeon_r9_270x_414636_marks AQW shows 2 graphics used --> GPU-Z shows only one card (crossfire disabled)
  13. still there http://hwbot.org/benchmark/aquamark/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_2114#start=0#interval=20
  14. I think that something is wrong in the way of adding points for Enthusiast league. The sum of top 15 (global+wr) + top 20 hardware is different from sum of points in my list. I hope that this liitle remark will help somebody.
  15. Nice to see someone from Xtreme OC league here in Enthusiast League
  16. My is L145A902 Max multi 55x http://valid.canardpc.com/show_oc.php?id=2202608
  17. Believe it or not, but it works. I also never thought that I'll be able to install Win7 on this type of configuration
  18. Ahoj! Install and work fine, but when I run test with hwbam3.exe, I get a result for around 40,000 pts less than when I run AQM3 alone. Why? 2600K 8800 GT WIN XP SP3
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