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  1. Included in the OC Pack
  2. Rave

    eVc ordering

    Software has been released: https://www.elmorlabs.com/index.php/forum/topic/evc2-beta-software/#postid-36
  3. Rave

    eVc ordering

    My order placed on the 1st of July had valid tracking information through the 17TRACK link in the email (shipped via YODEL in the UK) and it has arrived today, just an hour ago.
  4. Fermi technically has DX12 "support", in the sense it's been grafted onto the damn thing, however, the regular time spy is already a slideshow. Obviously not going to be optimal with the comp anyway...
  5. Hey there, are you able to rebench this chip and benchmark for this stage in team cup? http://hwbot.org/competition/team_cup_2018_ddr3/stage/4366_hwbot_x265_benchmark_-_4k__socket_2011_(not_2011-3) Currently we have a 4 core in there that needs to be bumped out by a better score, remember to use the correct background when you do submit. Cheers :)
  6. Cheers unity! And yeah the drivers have come a long way jumper. Somewhere around mid-late 2017 they got massively better for pretty much all GCN arch cards.
  7. Consider it as somewhat a super budget apex, you probably won't be breaking superpi records but it can be a nice legacy 3d benching platform. In my experience it can achieve get some fairly decent results, 4000c12 is achievable using the 3866 strap + 103.5bclk. Some ram straps are either completely broken, like the 3900 strap will not post at all, or won't post tight, like the 4000 strap will not post anything lower than c13 and the 4133 strap doesn't seem to want to work at anything lower than c18. The board is also missing control over RTL and IOL timings and also doesn't have vttddr voltage control if you have a b-die kit that's especially voltage picky. It can also take ages to post when pushing hard, so be patient.
  8. It appears the benchmark rules pages are currently borked in that they do not show the rules and only the discussion thread. For example here's what the rules page for Aquamark3 currently looks like: And here's a screencap of a wayback machine snapshot from back in march this year:
  9. Atleast on this cooling setup, I doubt it. This chip is super not happy to do much at all above 5.2
  10. Who needs 7980XEs and 2990WXs when this powerhouse exists?!
  11. Oh it can surpass that easily, 4133 17-18-18, 4000 13-12-12 and 3900 12-11-11 (3866 + 101bclk, 3900 strap is broken) are all possible.
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