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  1. sumonpathak: You clicked twice on "start benchmark"? stealth: The 64-bit patch should always be applied regardless of the OS The wrapper doesn't affect the bechmarkscore.
  2. Making it opensource would be like telling everybody how to print paper money. It would be impossible to tell the difference between genuine and forged. There are indeed a lot of opensource software for security, but it’s a different kind of security.A firewall for example lives on your system and you won’t gain anything by making it reporting false positives all the time. There will always be ways like IDA and other debugging software to see the assembler code. Reading this code, unlike a higher coding language, is pretty difficult. You can add a number of routines that double check the security and report if there has been any cheating. Making it closed source isn’t to have any "proprietary" but to make sure that you’re score gets all the credit it deserves and isn’t at the end of the list because all the others just cheated.
  3. The first step would be to just fill it in as you would on the site. The next step is to use profiles to auto complete some fields. Ideal would be to use ocr to read the data from a screenshot.
  4. It may be possible to port it to a smartphone, but is there any need for that? Will users want to add scores using a smartphone with a limited screensize. There is a lot of info to fill in and you should be able to add a screenshot or validationfile to the score.
  5. Description: After the bench session, it often happens there are a lot of scores. Uploading them all can be quite a drag, so it would be easier if all that can happen at once. This application should allow mass-submission of results. - User - Hardware - Scores - Verification (screenshot or verificationlink) The application does not auto-valid scores and points are awarded only when the score is uploaded. Sketch: This is really a first brainstorm. This will probably change a lot. Language: c#.net 4.0 WPF to do some graphical magic. Already started developing? No, even the analysis isn’t done yet. what kind of help you need? Programmers who want to help can help. Svn will be provided.
  6. Note that you can the hide elements that you do not like by clicking on the arrow right next to the hwbot logo, selecting "toolbar options' and going to the "predefined components" tab. ________ buy vapir vaporizer
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