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  1. Massman great! closed message, the way of results, and the topic created for this example with doubt and now OK, can close the topic and thanks for responding immediately. go to work ...
  2. Massman, communicate with our leadership. I will be posting our results with the ES-processor versions. For Chile, we want really great results. As we said at the opening of this topic, there are more than 1000 results with many members and ES processors. In my name and being a new member of XtremeSystens do not want trouble, but clarification. Hwbot is all, best regards MASSMAN !!
  3. Massman, it seems the colleague does not have much education and not to contribute to our question and doubt as this topic. Again, I have my sincere thanks for your posture Massman and also for their support. Let's summarize the story to not be too long and end cirando confusion and disturbances with the Chilean friend FABI, which seemed somewhat rude and preoccupied.
  4. Please re-read from the first topic and has a little more humility and education. As explained your case is an example of several problems that have occurred here and many still have doubts, just like me. You could have a little more education and not be so aggressive so. After all, as reported and explained, I'm just asking for guidance BEFORE SENDING OUR RESULTS.
  5. Massman, thank you for your explanations. In summary then, at the discretion of the member to send or not send their results using a processor ES? That is, as I understand your explanation, the member decides YOU WANT TO RECEIVE THE ITEMS OR IF YOU DO NOT WANT? If so, anyone can post results and receive results with different versions or calls from ES? I'm right or wrong, is that right? You are helping me a lot, please do not take this the wrong my doubts and I would not be criticized. I just want to know what is right and what can and can not, just not to make mistakes OK. thanks
  6. but I can send the results and gain points with him:?????? I have edited and have enclosed a picture of my question. As I understand it, when we use a processor ES could not win points with him on hwbot Rankings. Thank you for your help and support. I'm really undecided and do not know what can and can not ....
  7. Please just to correctly understand and avoid confusion or discussions that may not lead to anything. EXAMPLE OF THIS STATE PAL has been reported, is an example and do not know if it is correct or not. He uses several results, several CPUs ES. And I've been checking the rules are not allowed to send results with this processor, or send, can not score. My question and my question is just that. I CAN SEND RESULTS ::::? And can score:::? I'm using this as an example, please, if I did not state correctly, please disregard this topic. Hugs to all my colleagues, and thanks for the reply.
  8. CPU ES is not our yes permision utilizacion::: The processor is the engineering version, according to the rules of hwbot is not allowed to score using this type of processor. Please check and remove their results with this CPU. Thank you.
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