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  1. Wow I rly not noticed that "hole" as a possible point for soldering. So the connection would be as simple as shown in the picture I attached? Thanks for your fast reply btw
  2. Hi everyone, my question reffers to a guide from der8auer, which can be found here: ASUS GTX 980 Matrix - Overclocking.Guide I would like to use hotwire solder points to measure the gpu core voltage (can be found here in the guide: http://overclocking.guide/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/IMG_6829.png). It's clear which connection to use for gpu voltage tapping, but im not sure where to get a ground from. I thought about to use the feedback connection point right next to the gpu voltage connection, but i assuming that would change the regulation circut already. Would be great if somebody with more experience in hardmods could give me a little hint :ws:
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