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  1. Great news, I hope everything goes smoothly for everyone involved
  2. Since I had my name changed recently (from JimJamJamin), I cannot search for my own submissions by username. If I know the parameters I can get my submissions to appear in search along with any others that meet the search criteria but searching for example for a 7350k CB15 submission by PACE or JimJamJamin returns either no results or all results for that CPU/benchmark from all users it seems. Is there anything that could be done to sort this?
  3. Edit... Must not reply before I wake up properly haha Still more to come for sure
  4. Yes, as soon as I get my next delivery. I haven't run a GPU cold yet, so might start out with another card and work up to this... Or just go bold and dive in with the 1080 Ti KP
  5. PACE

    eVc ordering

    Ready to order whenever it's possible
  6. Honestly, i'm not sure... I'm super rusty so need another stab at it tomorrow/saturday. I'm pretty sure I just forgot something basic
  7. Can somebody please change my HWBOT username from JimJamJamin to PACE Thanks
  8. New comp rounds look good but I noticed in Div VII, the description in the stages says only Geforce 400 cards but the rules on the right says Geforce 500. Could someone fix when they get a chance? Thanks
  9. Sorry if I missed it, but when will final positions and MVP be announced?
  10. Did it increase scores with already stable settings?
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