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  1. UP, still for sale. EU only (sorry offshore guys, didn't find suitable shipping)
  2. Thanks for all the info above, it's very useful. Still, let's do not forget about main question: Have you guys saw any difference between 144 and 240Hz results?
  3. http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?t=166712&highlight=144hz&page=2 here is 178k @ 60Hz and 185k @ 144Hz using GTX 1070 and 3dm03... I seem not to have a placebo with my recent GT1030 scores - 3dm03 70k with 60Hz and 73k with 144Hz (same settings) heaven Xtreme ~ 1070X on 60Hz and 1160X on 144hz (same settings). Seems like noticable difference.
  4. Hi, obviously, there is a slight boost in 3D when increasing refresh rate from typical 60 or 75 to 144Hz and I have experienced that myself. But currently I plan to choose a new display and I am wondering what to choose (performance wise). I suppose there is also a difference between 144 and 165 and even further to 240Hz. Can u guys advise on what can be expected beyond 165 and to 240Hz? Is the difference between 144Hz and 240Hz much lower that from typical 60 to 144hz? Also, do you see any plug dependant differences, e.g. DP vs HDMI differences?
  5. Yeah, I've tried private mode, 3 different browsers (Chrome,edge firefox) and 7 different PC's with different browsers and different locations. Always same thing: EDIT: seems like changing benchmark type from dropdown fixes everything. Thanks
  6. Hi guys, I want to confirm that it is not only mine problem. For a week or so I am unable to add any score to the HWBOT. While submitting score Ican see only benchmark score box and Hardware box (Use XTU profile.. or prepopulate...) and nothing else. I cannot see anything that usually is below 'Hardware' box, so as a result there is no submit button. Is it only me or is it a common problem? Are you aware of that?
  7. sorry, as can be seen above I have just submitted mediocre score on my 8350K. Rest of it was done automatically by X265. I had my password resetted and cannot login for few hours to edit it. I logged in finally to delete it but you guys found it first.
  8. majkel

    WTB [EU] Ln2 dewar

    min. 10 liters, but prefer 20-30. good condition PLease quote with shipping to Poland included
  9. PLs get one. I can possibly take both + some stuff.
  10. Sorry, didn't catch that up earlier, r u shipping to Europe ( i mean dewars)?
  11. UP; still for sale. New scores on my profile made with those; 6GHz with 8700K, 8600K 5GHz with 6900K Old buddies are still good to go.
  12. Hey guys, I had this silly problem with 7970 overclocking (have my hands on this card for first time from couple of years now). I got proper GPUPi times when not touching clocks (at default), but as soon as I touch clocks in afterburner (even at 1mhz) the card starts to be like ~ 50% slower. I does not matter if I am downclocking or overclocking. I tried different drivers, tried diabling ULPS and I'm nowhere closer to resolution. Maybe someone had similar problem?
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