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  1. Hi,

    obviously, there is a slight boost in 3D when increasing refresh rate from typical 60 or 75 to 144Hz and I have experienced that myself.

    But currently I plan to choose a new display and I am wondering what to choose (performance wise).

    I suppose there is also a difference between 144 and 165 and even further to 240Hz.

    Can u guys advise on what can be expected beyond 165 and to 240Hz? Is the difference between 144Hz and 240Hz much lower that from typical 60 to 144hz?


    Also, do you see any plug dependant differences, e.g. DP vs HDMI differences?

  2. Hi guys,

    I want to confirm that it is not only mine problem.


    For a week or so I am unable to add any score to the HWBOT.

    While submitting score Ican see only benchmark score box and Hardware box (Use XTU profile.. or prepopulate...) and nothing else.


    I cannot see anything that usually is below 'Hardware' box, so as a result there is no submit button.


    Is it only me or is it a common problem? Are you aware of that?

  3. Hey guys, I had this silly problem with 7970 overclocking (have my hands on this card for first time from couple of years now). I got proper GPUPi times when not touching clocks (at default), but as soon as I touch clocks in afterburner (even at 1mhz) the card starts to be like ~ 50% slower.

    I does not matter if I am downclocking or overclocking.

    I tried different drivers, tried diabling ULPS and I'm nowhere closer to resolution.


    Maybe someone had similar problem?

  4. Got two for sell:


    1. First one is originally from bartX:

    Compressor - Teco KETC176ELBC-A 10755 btu

    Condenser - 25x25x5cm, 4x 120x38 mm Nidec fans (10V, 0.5A each)

    Suction line - 80 cm long, 19 mm thick insulation

    Evap - stepper, 42 mm diam, 40 mm, BartX production

    Expansion valve - 0,8 mm captube

    Refrigerant - pure R507

    Baseplate - stainless, 35x50 cm

    Can hold undellided 7700K on up to 6G. i7 980X on 4,5G.


    idle-44 /load -43 with ambient 22-24 ( originally -41C @ 250W, -46C @ 180W, -54C @ idle)

    Can even go down to -53 idle -46 load, ambient 10-12


    450 Eur shipped in EU


    2. Second one

    Compressor - Mitsubishi RJ5485GNE4 6500btu

    Condenser - 1.5KW (4x AC FAN 120mm 1900RPM 110CFM)

    Evap - chilly1 42mm/41mm by piotres

    XV - 2,7m 0,9 mm kapilary

    Serpent-flex 100cm

    Refrigerant - R290

    Base - Ply wood 60x32cm on Ring


    Holds same CPUs on stable -40 ~ -42.

    350 Eur Shipped in EU



    Any visual modification possible -Just let me know what do you need.

  5. This is a beautiful beast. I would love to run and carefully tease it, if for nothing, then at least out of nostalgia. The price is a bit steep for me though. Let me know if you would change your mind about it. ;)


    Just make an offer and we will see what can be done here ;-)



    EDIT: prices have just dropped!

  6. 1. EVGA SR2 - 550 Eur shipped in EU


    2. 2 pcs of Xeon X5650 + 2 pcs SilentiumPC coolers + 24GB ECC Kingston (6 2GB sticks and 3 4GB sticks) - additional 250 Eur shipped


    Worked quite a long time @ 3500 in a workstation. Perfect condition, works like charm.

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