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  1. Yeah sorry here it is: http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?p=490982#post490982
  2. any help for my i7 7700k OC would be nice. Please visit my post in OC corner.
  3. Do I need to put more info, please let me know. I am new to this OC thing. Thanks!
  4. Hi, I have not done any overclocking before but I want to do it now. I have recently bought and assembled i7 7700k 4.2 ghz, corsair ddr4 16 gb ram 2 stixs, rx 480 ddr5 8gb, v650 power supply corsair's.
  5. http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?p=488336#post488336 I have posted my OC thing here. Can you please help me too?
  6. I have built my system 2 months ago and I want to do a overclock. Is there some sort of a guide or something that can help me? I haven't done overclocking before.
  7. Can't you make a thread for Rx480 8Gb discussion? I can't seem to find it anywhere on this forum.
  8. Wow! I was also going for Ryzen system but God knows why I shifted my head towards i7. I really want Ryzen 5 now. This processor is way more powerful than mine.
  9. Hi y'all, I am new member here. Really glad to be here
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