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  1. anyone having issues with mem ocing on bios ver 2003? 4kc12 even with auto rtls stopping on 4F.
  2. King slacker Back on the front page ;) great job. Btw that mem looks interesting, what’s the mem score on gb3?
  3. Finally this CPU killer is going to hell, hope v2 will be less buggy and more fun.
  4. SPEEEEED congrats ogs, micron e-die, interesting 🤔 how it performs on aggressive benchmarking?
  5. sorry to hear that... a friend of mine had an ix apex and one day suddenly it showed 00 CPU fine but god knows what happened to MB, apex's having some weird problems for no good reason!
  6. What’s the score for gb3 mem ? Asrock timing conf please
  7. 10419 mem score! amazing. do you have any shots from ASRock timing configurator?
  8. That's the CPU you used for 4133 11-11-11-28?
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