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  1. Just one more reason that benchmate is complete bunk and you should run Windows 7 on Ryzen/Coffee Lake like a REAL MAN. Only people who can't into "Installing Windows for power users" run Winshit 10 to bench.
  2. Bump. Forgot to mention, the board has agent_x007's modded BIOS flashed so it's also got NVMe support.
  3. Need money for more important stuff (RX480 killed itself) so i'm selling my backup comp. Onboard sound is dead like most RIVE's, board itself works fine and comes with a Xeon E5-2620V2 and a Intel cooler. €180 or €160 without CPU+cooler don't even ask why I used my Toughbook for the timestamp :^) I can't write for shit Case (Lian Li PC-V1110) and PSU (Enermax Modu82+ 625W) are also for sale! I'm also interested in a trade for a RTX 2070S or 5700XT.
  4. Wow, and I thought Haswell i5's were any good. Even at 4.9 GHz it struggles to even get close to a stock 4770k in CB15 1T!
  5. There's this dude on the 'bot who modded a P5AD2 to use a Core 2 Duo: https://hwbot.org/submission/3822774_wytiwx_reference_frequency_p5ad2_e_premium_370.41_mhz Which got me wondering: how did he manage to get a C2D Pentium working on a 925XE board?
  6. Apparently my Rampage doesn't want to turbo properly with a E5-2620v2 installed? CPU-Z is saying it's boosting to 2.1 GHz max which is the non-turbo speed. Wat do? EDIT: Seems to fixed itself, weird!
  7. Just one more reason why Tweakers is dogshit. Use a VPN and tell Femme to go off himself :^)
  8. I know jackshit about BIOS modding nor do I have a Socket A board, but man this thread is awesome.
  9. Ended up buying a working RIVE (for even less too!) but without CPU and RAM.
  10. I can get it for €190 with CPU and RAM, but the dead sound card worries me though.
  11. Found a RIVE locally with a F'd audio jack, asking €250 with a i7-4820K and 16GB of DDR3-2133. Bad deal?
  12. I won't be XOC'ing that board so I don't really need a top-bin R3E.
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