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  1. haha HAHA HAHAHAHAHA If the mods actually did jackshit they'd delete Prema's 3DM05 Quadro FX 2500M score for not only missing a CPU-Z window but also a GPU-Z window:
  2. So close to beating Premaggot with his shitty Clevo gaymer laptop, need a T7600G to beat him.
  3. Please add: Quadro FX 350M
  4. Cool, it's working. Running 3DMark2000 as we speak, will run 01 later.
  5. I disabled points for this submission until I can unfuck find a way to use GPU-Z under Windows 2000.
  6. Seems legit, if Hwbot staff wanted to deal with this retard reporting old submissions they would have banned him a long time ago.
  7. Big fucking deal it's a laptop from 2001 with a XGA resolution screen and it's also a dogshit score, it's not like I broke a WR. EDIT: if it makes your inner autist sleep better at night I deleted it. God, some people. Makes me wonder why I even joined this site when there's turbospergs like liq_met or this guy above me.
  8. GPU-Z files as in..?
  9. Title. JavaScript is a (street shitter tier) cancer on its own but god damn the homepage of HWbot is borderline useless on anything that isn't a overclocked QX9300 or my Ryzen desktop. Disabling JS with NoScript isn't helping much either, as I can't submit or search anything without JS.
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