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  1. Nicely done. love the zip with all the files in
  2. Ok i havnt had time to read the whitepaper, but if i understand this whole thing correctly, if i have say a 2600K @ 5.6 and a GTX 580 @ 1600 core, achieving a score of say 12k in 3dmark 11, then with this enabled, i can be looking a close to 20K giving roughly a 180% improvement (and given it works that well with 3dmark tests). Then why not enable it, those that are seriously dedicated to benching, wont mind as everyone using this will benefit, and if you could not be bothered, well then that's your problem. It wont mean some guy at his desk running the same setup but at stock, will be getting the same score. It will be like now with the release of the 7970's, not all of us can afford them, but those that can are cleaning up the records, until more of us get them and even things up. Initially this will break ever record out there, and then break them again few times, as more experienced benchers to sessions using this. Eventually well end up where we are now, just with scores and records being higher, but still the same difficulty to achieve/break. Just the stragglers and inactive users will fall away. I see it as a good thing.
  3. Why only the HD7000 series Will see if i get my hands on one before then but not holding my breath....
  4. Should have swapped the power connectors to the rear of the board as well Awesome Mod though. Great idea. Wonder if theyll still accept a RMA
  5. Awesome chip matched with a awesome card, and oh, only 7 WORLD RECORDS IN A DAY!!!!!!
  6. Haha, Exactly why were here On that note though, so you are saying that if you are on a bit of a budget, a 3930K will in general keep up, or at least not do badly at all vs a 3960X. Both will OC very similarly, nad have similar limits, its just really the 3mb cache difference for stock users and extreme overclockers, for almost double the price.....
  7. Wow thanks, So maybe keep my 2600K(bin a couple more for a few more mhz), or if i upgrade my bench rig, on a budget, 3930K is the route to go for benching. Thanks Massman.
  8. Ok, my wondering, for us OCers who do not have extremely deep pockets, and have to spend our money wisely to get the best bang for buck, is a 3960X that much better than a 2600K? I currently have a 2600K (5.63Ghz), on a Maximus IV Gene-Z and am wondering, should i be saving and scraping my cents together to get a 3960X??? Other than wPrime, vantage and AM3, Will it have that much of an advantage over a 2600K at the same clock? Should i rather spend some cash binning 2600K's for a 5.8+? Or how does the 3930K compare(at half the price of the 3960X)? Im also seeing the 3960X's are not Ocing as high as 2600K's, looking like 5.4 - 5.5Ghz is a good chip, whereas in 2600K's, your aiming for 5.7 - 5.8Ghz. Maybe the 3960X just need to clear a few batches and they will go higher??? What are your guys thoughs and opinions here??
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