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  1. Hello guys! Today I found this guide from Der8auer (Link) where he explained how to overclock an locked (non-k) CPU. So I downgraded by BIOS, installed the required BIOS for the overclock and everything worked perfectly normal. The next thing I wanted to do was applying a overclock to get a total of 4.5 GHZ with a voltage of 1.325v. After I rebooted into my installation of windows 10 I first checked the CPU temperatures with HWinfo32. Till now there have been no problems, so I started Prime95 and tested the stability for about two hours. Everything worked perfectly fine but after I closed Prime95 I got an bsod (Clock_Watchdog_Timeout). So I tried to give my CPU a bit more voltage (1.335v, 1.34v, 1.345v, 1.35v) and everytime after the stresstest ended the system crashed. So I tried to go with 4.4GHZ, but even that crashed after the stresstest. Here are my BIOS settings: SpeedStep: disabled CPU C-states: disabled CPU-Loadline Calibration: 5 (but I also tried it with 7 with the same result) Ai Overclock Tuner: XMP Turbo Boost: disabled Core Ratio: 34 BCLK: 133 (34 * 133 = 4522) CPU Core/Cache Current Limit Max.: 255.50 CPU Core/Cache Voltage: Manual Mode CPU Core Voltage Override: 1.325 The problem also happens when I quickly open different applications, etc. There is also something else that is very strange: I can't set "Boot Performance Mode to Turbo Performance" because the option doesn't exist in the BIOS. My specs: CPU: Intel Core i7 6700 (non-K) Mainboard: Z170 Pro Gaming (with the required BIOS for the non-k overclock) Cooler: Kraken x61 (AiO) RAM: 16GB DDR4 currently at 2133MHZ (max. 3000MHZ) Vengance Corsair Can anyone help me?
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