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  1. Unfortunately it can´t handle more than this. Maybe 1.55, but that still isn´t enough for higher frequency.
  2. Díky :-) Hwbot zklamal, žádná notifikace, o komentáři jsem se dozvěděl až dnes díky náhodě :-D
  3. Sheppix

    HWBOT Rev7(.1) point recalculation done

    Why there are these "gaps" with 0.2 points?
  4. Sheppix

    HWBOT Rev7(.1) point recalculation done

    Looks like problem with catzilla: http://hwbot.org/submission/3532492_pedro2553_catzilla___720p_geforce_gtx_1060_31367_marks/ http://hwbot.org/submission/3356656_chilli_man_catzilla___720p_geforce_gtx_1060_32250_marks/
  5. Missed one - http://hwbot.org/submission/3692870_sheppix_catzilla___720p_geforce_gtx_1060_29554_marks
  6. Sheppix

    HWBOT Rev7.1 point recalculation in progress

    Global points are broken ...
  7. This is TEAM competition, so if you compete by yourself, find another competition
  8. Sheppix

    Stage 1

    Hello, is that possible to use "extream OC mode" and have validation link "unchecked" instead of "validated"?
  9. Sheppix

    Missing stages

    Still nothing :-(
  10. LOL, definitely same rig - Same box under motherboard too, even CMOS battery has identical orientation.
  11. Sheppix

    Missing stages

    Hello, is it me or there are no stages?