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  1. Welcome :D You don't need a compare URL, but you do need a new screenshot, one with CPUZ CPU and memory windows opened
  2. Is it just me, or can’t we search for hardware/members ect in the new rev via mobile?
  3. That’s true. Maybe we can have both? IMO, the position between all members in the team/country regardless the league is more important than the position by leagues
  4. Can you also update the right box? It should be 60 HW for career, 15 globals for season, ect
  5. Sounds great, for all sides. In the end, a compromise has to be made, and this idea looks the best one so far, IMO
  6. The site is up again, but still on rev 7?
  7. A bit late My 2700x- 1815SUT ~4350Mhz @ 1.43v R15 240mm coolermaster AIO 4.9Ghz @ 1.58v R15 Dice
  8. I strongly agree with this one. I think comps should have a bigger affect on the scoring, or we will see less and less people joining them. They fill like more of a side quest that you do whenever you’re bored, then a part of the main game here. Also, why reducing the number of scores that counts in the ranking? Why not even rise that number, that will make it more competitive IMO
  9. Hey @Leeghoofd We started a bit late,any chance of extending the comp until the 4 of january?
  10. For stage 9- “No VEGA IGPU versions allowed”- does that include 2400/2200g?
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